Mommy Dionisia is giving heart another lease of love by having a gorgeous boyfriend whom she calls as Michael. He was her daring escort when she celebrated her 65th birthday. According to the doting mother of boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao Michael was a persistent suitor. As a result, her heart had fallen so suddenly for the guy. Despite of her very intriguing love interest, she has openly revealed that she does not take it seriously at the moment.

Mommy Dionisia has a boyfriend who is 40 years old.

Mommy Dionisia has a boyfriend who is 40 years old.

This was totally in contrary to the revelation of Manny Pacquiao that the couple has already plans of getting married very soon. Descriptiely, she is like a teenger who semed to be like a flower in a bloom these days. As far as Pacquiao is concerned, he is totally against the said relationship because he is now a Christian. He further said that her mom and Michael are already living in one roof. However, Mommy D. has denied the claims of her son. Instead, she said that having a boyfriend is a natural course of human existence. Right now, she is still discovering the real man behind that every engaging appeal. Further, she admitted that her previous relationship was a failure because the guy is a certified womanizer.

Mommy Dionisia has said that a guy can tell you how much he loves you but his actions are entirely different. Thus, living her ostentatious life without a beau is extremely sad. Due to her not so good relationships before Mommy D. is now extra careful in her relationship right now. She said that it was too painful to be a broken hearted woman. To date, she and her beau might be separated for years because he might leave the country.

In closing, Mommy Dionisia has this to say about the game called love Learn how to love your-self first and leave a little percentage of it for your sake.

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