Money changes our lives so drastically because there are many instances in our life’s journey that money talks in many ways; rather can be used by multifarious means. Let me tell you a story about Tootsie who was born with no biological parents to love and to hold. As a result, an aunt of hers took the initiative to play the role of a surrogate mother until this girl can fly with her own wings. To cut the story short, Tootsie became successful in no time at all. She got a high-paying job, which can literally support her-self with no inch of difficulty.

Money talks so loudly in this world,

Money talks so loudly in this world,

Consequently, Tootsie have lots of friends as her bank account gets bulging as well. Currently, she has her own condo unit, a car, this person is also a lover of techie gadgets without end. When somebody asked her.

Tootsie, how does it feels to be at the top of the world?

As frank as she can, Tootsie replied.

You see, money talks a lot in this world.

Now, those people who are against me are now my closest friends. She said.

Why does it have to be that way? Life’s bitter and sweet realities could sometimes be a blessing in disguise that can make you the least that you want yourself to be? Tootsie is a perfect example of this reality. Truly, money talks though you do not want it to.

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