There is another tourist destination in the Philippines which is allegedly infested by unseen and malevolent spirits. To shed light on this intriguing matter, this interesting article aims to discover and objectively discern the untainted truths behind all these unrevealed legends or stories which had made this place worth seeing; and thus, be subjected to a paranormal exploration in the coming years. Mount Cristobal is an unusual gift of God to Mother Nature, since its peak is incomprehensibly shaped like the letter “W”. Also, its lush and green mountain are just adjacent to another spirit-infested tourist spot which is nonetheless, Mount Banahaw.

The heavenly Mount Cristobal in Dolores, Quezon.

The heavenly Mount Cristobal in Dolores, Quezon.

It is geographically in the northeastern section from where Mount Cristobal is found. Since its unexpected discovery, it is ironically alluded to as the Devil’s Mountain. But, this negative impression of a tourist spot did not deter voyagers from knowing the various and concealed facts behind this dreaded mountain of the Philippines. Perhaps, the major reason why this is refereed to as such is because Its ancient forests are filled with numerous thorny plants and ferns, which beautifully provide its wide-opened crater a culminating and yet exciting atmosphere. Above all, there are spine-tingling stories which include the unexplainable and sudden manifestations of many entities or spirits, apparitions and even those audible voices which allegedly belong to the other dimensions besides our real world. More so, its ancient natives had their own horrifying tales which were all about the Tumao. In addition to these, there are many spooky tales about this mysterious mountain which were vividly documented by millions of mountaineers who were completely bewitched by this precious jewel of Dolores, Quezon.

Despite of these not so good impressions about it, there is one marvelous thing about this natural wonder that would make any traveler to have the best of both worlds. In fact, the amazing animations and the incredible forms of life with respect to those hundreds of thousands of interesting species involving the Philippines’ flora and fauna are some of its finest and most treasured possessions in its bosom. Based from the documented accounts of a modern Filipino explorer, this multi-colored mountain has an unidentified plant which bears a wondrous creation that seems too difficult to distinguish. To date, the said masterpiece of God had awesome plant bearings that look like dazzling pearls. Best of all, the beauteous Mount Cristobal is also a blissful haven of the localized version of wild raspberry in the Philippines. This is commonly referred to as a sampinit.

The mystifying Mount Cristobal.

The mystifying Mount Cristobal.

But, if our beloved readers wish to have a taste of this very rare fruit they do not have to worry about a single thing because it’s edible in its strictest sense. Conversely, since Mother Nature is meant to teach humans on how to harmoniously survive without any inch of difficulty, the poop of her loving civet cats are scientifically used as coffee beans. In climbing the Devil’s Mountain many young and thrill seeking mountaineers are commonly using the Spoor of Dolores. This route painstakingly begins prior to their entrance to Barangay Kinabuhayan. As far as its location is concerned, this particular trail is located on the left side of the whole topographical constitution of Dolores, Quezon. Thus, if you are going to look at Mount Cristobal from a certain vantage point, it is situated on the west section of Dolores’ trail. While you are walking towards this mystical mountain, you will leisurely pass by a cemented passageway. In the same manner, you can see many types of fruit-bearing trees like the famous Filipino fruit known as dalanghita. Going towards this mountain requires a lot of stamina, agility and patience. But the most rewarding part of your travel here is this. You would have the once in a lifetime opportunity to see the endearing panoramic views of the other sky reaching mounts leading to the Devil’s Mountain. There is also a cute campsite near the Cristobal Mountain, which has a distance of 1380 MASL.

Getting There

Mount Cristobal can be easily reached through a remote barangay of San Cristobal in San Pablo, Dolores, Quezon. This is a land formation which is said to be the longest road to San Cristobal. Along your travel, always keep a watchful eye on those hunter trails which are seemed to be perplexed. Look at these. The first phase of those trails are composed of invigorating grasslands. Then, you and your peers will find a crowded kind of forest. Subsequently, a place that is literally called Koronang Tinik will make your travel even more challenging to the hilt. If you happen to reach this very dangerous place, always be reminded that if you are caught unaware by these thorns, you have to remove them by moving yourself in a backward motion. You can safely reach the rim of Mount Cristobal at an MASL of 1,400. .

A mystical mountain or not,Mount Cristobal is truly an engaging picturesque of what Mother Nature is all about.- Serene, beautiful and expressive without questions.

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