In life, the only thing that matters is how you are going to make the most out of your God-given talents, regardless of how great or less these inherent assets are. My remarkable creative passion has relatively bewitched me with so much blessings, that i did not expect in the first place. When i was still a child, i have always vividly dreamed of becoming the best teacher in the world to follow my mom’s footsteps. But due to my congenital disability, I was compelled by my doting mother to take up Psychology in college. At first, I felt like I was being deprived of achieving what i really wanted to become. Over the years, i have earnestly searched for my true identity, by simply asking myself. “Why did God allow me to have this kind of physical inadequacy that could possibly ruin my life forever?” At long last, my creative passion’s mission to succeed gave me the most unforgettable and sweetest answer that I will constantly cherish for the rest of my life.

This is where my creative passion's laurels of success lies.

This is where my creative passion of success magnificently lies.

Frankly, my personal computer is one of the best human innovations which have greatly helped me in slowly unraveling my creative passion’s mission to succeed. It all began when my friend encouraged me to buy a Windows 98 computer way back in 2000. My excitement never ended, as each passing day came to a close. To start my peculiar and innocent exploration, i had decided to ask my friend about the basics of operating a computer. So, he patiently taught me about on how to do relevant researches via several search engines. Then, he also shared with me about the salient features of an e-mail dialogue box and most importantly, on how to write and send those electronic messages in a flash. However, my curiosity did not end from there. There is so much more that I need to do with my latest baby.- Writing online articles.

My creative passion’s mission to succeed in the field of article writing, accidentally began when a family friend prodded me to do an article about my vivid and interesting life story in relation to my paranormal gifts. A few months after my prolific and amazing write up was published, yours truly became an instant celebrity. From then on, i have come to terms with reality that writing has a special place in my heart. Moving forward, i bravely applied as a home-based online writer one after the other. Honestly, working for several bosses had given me the rare opportunity to excel in my craft as a budding online writer. Experience wise, my journey towards the fruitful fulfillment of my ambition was not an easy thing to do. For instance, i have worked with a superior who was so cranky; and whose perfectionism severely affected my self-esteem to the hilt.

Somewhere, somehow my creative passion’s mission to succeed was put to an acid test when my new online writer superior had given me lots of online writing projects almost everyday. But, as they say “nothing is permanent in this world except change”. Our good and motivating working relationship had beautifully ended when my plans to go abroad never left my mind. Thinking that I would make it big in UK sometime in the not so distant future, I immediately secured a passport. Unfortunately, it was a bogus one. Back to square one, i continued searching for a new online writing job that would make my writing career more glaring and productive than ever before. God did not leave me empty handed. He sent a generous personification of an angel who literally made me what I am now.- A happy and contented online writer with no stressful deadlines to beat.

On January 18, 2012, I came across with an online writing advertisement who needed talented and experienced online article writers as soon as possible. Without hesitation, I confidently submitted my article samples and a quite impressive resume. As I faithfully asked God for this very admirable person to reply, he did so without any reservation. He frankly told me that there was no more vacancy in his firm. Though i felt depressed and devastated, these negative thoughts and feelings never put me down. I continued my long and winding search for an ideal writing job. Miraculously, my creative passion to succeed had just begun. The next day, i gladly received an e-mail from this would be boss of mine and asked me if i could work under probation. Our arrangement then, was for me to write one article per day with a rate that we have both agreed upon. If my writings were of superior quality, then i will be one of their regular online writers.

Determined to win his trust and confidence, i spent sleepless nights just to give this motivating mentor of mine what he wanted. As months passed, he built another engrossing website about Girl Scouts Cookies, wherein I was solely chosen to write about these delicious American treats. From those significant reflections of my original and unique creations, he probably saw in me the qualities of a writer who knew all about the ins and outs of creative writing without overdoing them. After almost two years of a healthy working relationship, he never dared to question my writing styles. What is more important to this endearing boss of mine is for us to make it big in this field that we know best, no matter what it takes to reach the peak of our achievable endeavors in life.

In closing, my creative passion’s mission to succeed revolves around on how to make things better for this intellectually- stimulating website of ours without expecting much in return. It is because financial gains are fleeting and temporary; which have to be in the sidelines. Believe it or not, a humble writer like me is sacredly bounded by the genuine meaning of success in the most noble and inspiring way.

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