God has His own reasons why I am here on earth. My creative self gave me the strength to live my life, the way that it should be. But somewhere along the way, there were times that I cannot see the beauty and wonders of having been blessed with this kind of gift. After all, I have diverse definitions as to what this term really meant for me. Most especially, in those days that I frankly lost my self-esteem because of my congenital disability. From that point in time, my creative self was so dormant and useless at the very least. But, God totally enlightened my mind and soul to go on each day of my life and earnestly find my creative self. Here’s a short anecdote as to how I succeeded in finding my creative self.

Disabled People Doing Exercise

When I studied in a special school for people with disability, I have fruitfully found my creative self

In 1987, I thought that I was going to suffer from the incurable bouts of depression when my mom and late grandmother told me that I had to quit my schooling. It was because nobody was readily available to take me to school due to financial reasons. Night after night, I cried a bucket of tears in solitaire and self-pity. It was one of the darkest days of my life. Thus, it was when I lost faith in my creative self to attain what I fervently desired for. After a few weeks. God opened His door for me. Unexpectedly, my mom was able to find a special school which is being subsidized by the government. So i said, “At long last, I can continue with my studies”.

During my first day in that learning institution, I got shocked when I saw for the first time in my life a boy who does not have any lower extremity and two hands. Yet, he can manage his wheelchair so easily without losing his balance and coordination at all. The next day, I sincerely introspected for my creative self and thought of ways on how to reinvent it; to go with the flow. After a year, I have realized that senseless fears are all in my mind. So, before it’s too late I needed to proudly show these special people that within the depths of my creative self is a dedicated lady. who have blossomed into a new kind of person inside and out.

Until this very day, my creative self continues to shine without end. It is because God is so good and faithful to me, in a sense that He allowed my creative self to inspire and help other people the best way that I can.

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