It seems like those millions of fans of the ever-successful television soap opera on GMA-7 will brace them-selves as early as now because of a proposed second sequel by its notable director Dominic Zapata. If destiny bounds it to happen, My Husband’s Lover Part 2 will again keep them glued to their seats just like before. However, the brilliant mega director says that it won’t happen within this year. Hence, they are not closing doors as far as its second part is concerned.

The phenomenal primetime soap, My Husband's Lover, might have a second sequel soon.

The phenomenal primetime soap, My Husband’s Lover, might have a second sequel soon.

During the successful airing of My Husband’s Lover, Director Dominic Zapata has gladly said that this unprecedented television series was able to touch thousands of lives and that even included his very own set of friends. As a result, Zapata says.

I felt like I was no longer involved in entertainment, I was in the business of touching lives.


For me, that puts things into perspective as an artist.


So, if I was able to touch some lives for a run of a few months, maybe I could touch more lives.

In summary, Zapata does not want to end his quest for the LGBT’s just a like a love song. Most importantly, he doesn’t want to leave a bitter impression that these members of the Philippine Society are not well represented when it comes to gender-related issues. After all, My Husband’s Lover is the best avenue to let the entire world know and discover as to who they really are, as well as those things that they are going through Zapata said. Thus, we are also sharing with them their feelings and sentiments. So, if they will be given a rare chance once again My Husband’s Lover Part 2 is somewhat feasible to happen as Zapata’s next blockbuster for television.

Moreover, Zapata said that there are more people who definitely wanted to do something like this in the coming years for the glittering and glamorous world of Philippine Television. He says that with the first part of My Husband’s Lover, everything is fair and square in life. Just recently, My Husband’s Lover was nominated in the 9th Seoul International Drama Series. This will be held on August 4, 2014 at the National Theatre of Korea.

If there would be a My Husband Lover Part 2, there is no doubt that this is going is to be more successful than the first one of the most revealing drama series in Philippines.

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