God has peacefully welcomed a prominent Christian evangelist whose name is Myles Munroe, in His Heavenly Kingdom. Munroe died in a plane crash last Sunday, somewhere in the Bahamas. Aside from being a faithful and selfless Man of God, he is also a widely known motivational speaker, a good friend and an exceptional Bible scholar. According to verified news accounts, his loving wife, Ruth was among those fatalities in that shocking plane crash.

Famous international preacher and motivational speaker Myles Munroe died in a tragic plane crash last Sunday.

Famous international preacher and motivational speaker Myles Munroe died in a tragic plane crash last Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Department of Civil Aviation has confirmed that the ill-fated aircraft which is the Learjet 36 had suddenly crashed at exactly 5:10 P.M., Eastern Time. It had happened while the plane had tried to make a landing at the Grand Bahama Airport. David Burrows, the current head of the youth ministries of the non-sectarian Bahamas Faith International Ministries, had said that identities of the passengers were not immediately known. Who is Myles Munroe? He is one of the famous Bible preachers in the world, who had excellently followed the footsteps of Bishop TD Jakes and Eddie Long who is also a Bishop. At his fruitful age of 60, Munroe was able to successfully accomplish his Divine calling of saving millions of souls across the globe. He was frequently seen in numerous Christian events were hundreds of thousands were in attendance to refreshingly nourish their spiritual lives with those life-changing Words of God.

To be able to reach lots of thirsty and hungry spirits in this temptuous world of ours, he had impeccably written some of the best-selling inspirational books. Although there were other books which were only co-authored by him, these things have remained the cream of the crop among those spiritual books which are truly dynamic and remarkable at the same time. Similarly, the countries which were captivated by his inherent eloquence and intelligence were Africa and the Caribbean. Prior to the accident, the plane was heading towards Freeport. This was in connection to a spiritual event of the Global Leadership Forum. This was supposedly a spiritually enriching gathering which was organized by his very own ministry. Their scheduled activities should have been until Thursday, if Myles Munroe was still alive.

In memory of his unwavering service to God and His people, he was cited as an outstanding alumnus in 2004 by the Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma. This was the noble learning institution where Munroe was first introduced to the rudiments of a long and winding spiritual journeys as a seminarian. The management and staff the said evangelical university has this to say for Munroe.

His work in extending Christ’s Kingdom in our generation was exemplary and world changing.

Myles Munroe has already died blissfully at the loving hands of God. His earthly journey might have ended so fast. But his unmatched milestones and achievements will never die in the hearts of millions whom he had sincerely changed through the years.

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