The mystery of Love

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Life is not completely blissful without the wonders and joys of a feeling called Love. It is a divine gift that can defy and conquer the intellect of a person. Furthermore, it is a psychology of effective states which can’t be bound by reasons or explanations, for as long as both people feel the same way for one another. Whatever our definitions of love are, one thing is for sure, it conquers all odds and challenges even beyond the doors of death.

In this article, readers would be able to realize that love is not about ideals. Instead, this an ultimate and lasting expression of two loving hearts beautifully bonded by fate and destiny. Let’s see how this couple was able to define and explain the essence of true love through the years, without relinquishing their undying love, commitment and promise to each other; that is, to love and to hold one another till forever.

mystery of love

How their love story began

Jojo and Grace have met through a common friend, Dana. She was a college colleague of the latter and a neighbor. To begin with, the two protagonists in our story were casually introduced to one another in a decent manner. At first, there was no element of attraction on the part of the guy. It was solely because Grace was described as “loud and talked like a chatterbox”. From that fateful day, Grace got the impression that Jojo was too choosy and old-fashioned. On the contrary, their inherent and unique attitudes and behaviors were never a problem. In fact, the enigmatic and the unusual coincidental and funny ways of destiny made them to meet again unexpectedly. After a few more coincidental encounters, Jojo had asked his classmate to tell Grace that he was interested in the charming lady and that he wanted to court her. However, he had been warned that Grace had a boyfriend at that time. Despite of this situation, Jojo was too persistent about his intentions for the lady who had strict parents.

Meanwhile, on the part of Grace, Jojo caught her heart and swept her feet away during their initial meeting. With these complicating scenarios, Grace was advised and told by her peers that having a boyfriend and a suitor at the same time; would pose a dangerous situation. But, Grace was too young, assertive and adventurous then. For her, this was a new challenge that can definitely change her life. To carefully handle the situation, she had used the proper “time management techniques” in order to give Paul, who happened to be her boyfriend and Jojo, her current love interest the appropriate attention without any complication. However, Grace was caught in a trap between her present boyfriend and month old romantic flame with Jojo. To cut the story short, they had both fetched her on the same day in school. “What will happen next?” Will Grace choose Jojo over Paul? Or, would it be Paul over Jojo?

To settle the issue, Jojo gave way. Literally, the guy who loved to draw and hangout with friends had let Paul to love Grace for life. From that “torn between two lovers scene”, Jojo and Grace never saw each other ever again. In January, God made a way for the two to meet again. Jojo told her classmate that he will come to school to see Grace again. After a much convincing talk with Grace, she had agreed to meet Jojo again. This time, she had wanted her time management of love to work effectively to her advantage. When Jojo came to see Grace, he had bluntly asked her if she and her boyfriend were still together. Without hesitation, Grace said, yes. However, their relationship was on the rocks. Jojo then, had asked her if they could be on a “trial relationship” for a month. If the romance will work for both of them; then, they will go on with what had been planned. If not, they will go their separate ways. Their arrangement is something like this, if they were together they are lovers otherwise they are just friends. Without not much to say, Grace had accepted without thinking about its consequences. Conversely, the only condition that Grace had imposed on Jojo was that no one of his girls will come to her territory. So, when she had told her friends about the so-called no commitment agreement, they were all dumbfounded. After all, Grace assured them, that it was all for fun. Therefore, baseless and senseless worries must not be cognitively entertained.

The Whirlwind Romance

As days had passed, the two lovers became even more closer with one another. Though they had not changed the rules of their love, they were still not ready for a serious commitment. After all, they still have their respective relationships. The only thing that they had enjoyed doing was to be there for one another. Until finally, Grace broke up with Paul not because of her reel sweetheart, but because of Rose, the first girlfriend of Paul before he met Grace. Officially, Grace and Jojo were together for six months. Planning for the future is never their primary concern yet. It was maybe because the girl was not that serious. She was too afraid to get hurt.

Her past high school relationship was still to her an unfinished business. Nevertheless, her relationship with Jojo was a perfect match. They never fight nor argued. Thus if there were misunderstandings they talked and patched things up with no pride and selfishness. Events lead from one thing to another. Their closeness had come up with something more intimate. Grace was again at a verge of confusion. How can she ever refuse the man whom she had loved secretly in her mind and wildest dreams? Prior to those moments of tender love and care, Jojo kept on assuring her that no one can ever set them apart. To prove his love and sincerity, he formally presented himself to Grace parents as a suitor. After three times of romantic visits, Jojo and Grace gave their families the shock of their lives. They had eloped without thinking of their future. Love had defied the odds of cultures and social conventions.

Jojo and Grace’s Married Life

After their sudden elopement, many people especially their friends could hardly believe it. People from opposite worlds will now live together as one. In summary, their love story was against all odds. They could not do anything at that turning point of their marital life. To resolve each dilemma one step at a time, they had to face the consequences of their own actions. Like for instance, the father of the girl was against her husband. Hence, they had decided to tie the knot in a civil ceremony in July of 1983. Not long afterwards, a church wedding had finally pushed through in December.

After their wedding, life was not a bed of roses for the newly weds. Total adjustments had to be done. The couple in our story had started from scratch. But, they had survived the obstacles before them with glaring victory. Thank God, they were both fighters of life. They never retreated back no matter how the storm of life wanted to cripple their high hopes and fondest dreams for the future. They had braved the adversities without a shadow of discouragement and regret.

Truly, love is a challenging mystery that can only be revealed at the right time and at the right place. This article of a beautiful and tear jerking chronicle of love and sacrifice wishes us to know how to be more discerning about our major choices in life. Once in our lifetime, these crucial moves will determine our future. Just like Jojo, he was really determined to win Grace at all cost. Thus, his decision made him happy and complete. Likewise, love can never be idealistic. It’s a free-flowing feeling which lets you discover a person in the most personal way. Generally, love is all about fate and destiny; that you can never dare to escape no matter what happens.


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    Reading our love story brings back memories….got tears of joy. Thank you for including it on your beautiful site. May I suggest that if possible have a Facebook page so that more readers can see and read all your beautiful articles to enjoy and learn from it at the same time. Kudos to the admin and all the people behind. God bless!

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    Thanks very much for sharing with us your melodramatic and romantic love story. The administrators and the whole staff of this very engrossing website will discuss about your request for an exclusive FB page. Again, our heartfelt gratitude. God Bless You.

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