The enigmatic tourist spots of the Philippines are endless expressions of magnificence and social prestige that can never be compared to other places in the world. This travel and leisure to delves on the inherent beauty of the insurmountable Pico de Loro. This very interesting tourist attraction is geographically situated in both the exotic provinces of Cavite and Batangas Provinces. It is estimated at 664 meters above sea level.

Pico de Loro.

Pico de Loro.

In terms of accessibility, it can be easily reached from Ternate Cavite and Nasugbu Batangas respectively. For millions of trekkers around the world, it can be considered as the easiest trek in the Philippines. Upon reaching this very engaging wonderland of Mother Nature, tourists will have the need to register them-selves in a logbook. From there, you are not required to pay anything yet. However, the moment that you are officially registered they will try to offer you some of the finest services of their official tour guide to show you around the greatest escapades of the alluring Pico de Loro. By the way, these outrageous services can all be yours with just a reasonable price of Php 1,500 only.

After almost thirty minutes of a healthy and gracious walk you will easily see a spacious base camp of this gyrating tourist attraction with hygienic and relaxing restrooms. Going to the exciting trekking adventure itself, it can be vividly described as a long and winding road to take or travel along the way. Further, most of its thrilling treks are conveniently located under the trees and the so-called miscellaneous shrubbery. Hence, you are going to deal with clear paths which make your even more mystifying. After which, you are going to spend the timeless moments of your life by making a stopover in a flattened area prior to your actual exploration of this splendid tourist attraction. The word Pico de Loro simply means, The Beak of the Parrot. To reach its peak, it would only take you almost 15 minutes to accomplish that very rewarding feat of yours. Meanwhile, its most gratifying summit of Pico is said to be highest Peak of Cavite. As expected, the uppermost portion of this very serene mountain has spectacular views that will keep you coming back for more.

Characteristically, this marvelous tourist spot has a 360-degree view parameter from the very enthralling summit itself. According to documented accounts, it is in the same way situated adjacent the Caraballo Mountains. This is the highest point between Cavite and Batangas. From its aggrandizing vantage point you can actually have a peak of those ships that journeys from the Batangas and Bataan shorelines. Primarily, Pico has an inclusive package which is too affordable at Php 1,800. This includes the following: A private vehicle, registration and DENR fees, an adventure guide and an approachable travel coordinator. Read on the subsequent sections of this very informative article to provide you with a detailed guide on what to bring prior to your much awaited intimate discovery of Pico de Loro.

Things Bring

While you are planning to have the most grandiose adventures of your life at the summit of Pico de Loro, here are some of the things that you should bring to make your trip hassle free until you have finally completed the last leg of your very promising mountain trekking escapade. Among the things that you must have are the following necessities:

  • ATM and credit cards which are well-sealed in a resealable plastic bag
  • .

  • Durable trekking shoes
  • .

  • Sun and rain protection kit. It could be composed of the following: A sunblock, shades raincoat and a lot more
  • .

  • Medications
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  • Slippers
  • Extra clothes
  • Cellphone with extra batteries
  • Sturdy Ropes

Getting There

The easiest way to get there at Pico de Loro is to take the Baclaran route. Then, you must take bus which will head towards Ternate, Cavite. Afterwards, courteously ask the driver to drop you off at the nearest roads where you can conveniently find your way to your final destination.

The endearing summit of Pico de Loro intensely connotes a life that is full and vibrant. Although there are obstacles ahead of us, God has provided us with an excellent avenue to explore and become an endless road towards the evolving and lasting improvements of our-selves to be significantly transcended as living witnesses to the unspeakable beauty of Mother Nature.

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