The National Space and Aeronautics Administration is gearing towards another ditch of a historical milestone as it tries to relaunch its new spaceship which is sweetly named as Orion. The most special thing about this event is that it would be shown via a live streaming presentation. Before it could ever happen on Friday, there was an attempt to launch NASA’s Orion earlier as scheduled. However, it had experienced some technical glitches when its booster had suddenly malfunctioned.

NASA's Orion spacecraft.

NASA’s Orion spacecraft.

This had happened after three thrilling countdowns. Meanwhile,the launch window of NASA’s Orion will gloriously open at six o’clock in the morning. It can be watched on NASA TV and on CT respectively. Based on verified reports, the Thursday launching of this capsule was further complicated and eventually messed up by a boat which traveled in an area where such a vessel was strictly prohibited. Likewise, gusty winds had gravely affected the Orion’s space lift. In the same way, its ice-cold liquid hydrogen tank refused to close itself on command. Now, to critically figure out what had happened, NASA’s persevering and patient technicians had to work overtime on Thursday. Consequently, they had found out that there was nothing wrong with the capsule itself. It was only the booster that really spoiled the launch on that fateful day.

On Friday, NASA’s Orion will be proudly lifted by a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket at an approximate of 3,600 miles into space. Subsequently, its going to make a swift orbit on the Earth in order to test some of the major areas of NASA’s Orion. Along this line, it has been calculated that this once in a lifetime event would happen at about 2 hours and 39 minutes. Hence, this would exactly commence at past six in the morning. Will NASA’s Orion finally make it just like what Rosetta did? If this would indeed be a victorious feat by NASA, their shining moment is here to stay. They will definitely find some unique ways on how to make things happen without retreating. NASA and its incredible team of experts will always inspire our young and dynamic science enthusiasts that nothing is really IMPOSSIBLE with it. More so, the mysterious realms of outer space is worth exploring. It is one of the most impeccable and priceless treasure which is so much incomprehensible.

Nevertheless, NASA will never stop in developing those sophisticated spaceships which will make millions of people to realize that varying scientific breakthroughs are worthy accomplishments of man. Therefore, they must not be jeopardized nor it might be lost in oblivion. In other words, the greatest extension of man’s mind is how to transform its engendering creativity into something that can magnificently change this world with so much passion and tenderness.

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