Sports legends also blow their top. No one is a big exception to this. The undisputed kings of NASCAR Charlotte, had shockingly involved them-selves in a brawl. It was said that after a prestigious race, Keselowski had been alleged to have rear ended somebody on the pit of the road. In the same manner, he had somewhat blind sided Kenseth in a garage. As a result, it had caused a headlock. As the said incident heated up, there was a shoving match which involved their respective teams. Based on Kenseth’s version of the story, this was how everything had bitterly transpired between these two car racing legends.

NASCAR Charlotte Brawl Controversy

NASCAR Charlotte car racing legends had engaged themselves in a brawling incident after the much awaited rest.

I had my HANS (safety device) off, my seatbelts off and everything and he clobbers me. The race is over, you come back to pit road. If he wants to come up and talk about it like a man, go do that. To wreck somebody on the racetrack and come down pit road with other cars and people standing around and my seatbelts off and drive in the side of me is inexcusable. There’s no excuse for that.

Further, a disgusted Kenseth had said that a car racing champion like Keselowski should act the way he should be. Due to the not so ideal attitude of Keselowski he even asserted that he was not the only one who seemed to have a rift with the car racing king. Denny Hamlin had an annoying experience as well with the Sprint Cup Champion of 2012. Similarly, Hamlin brake checked the most controversial King of All Car Racers on the cool down lap after they both raced with their own sweat and blood until the final lap, during the Bank America 500. Accordingly, Hamlin said that due to provocations, Keselowski retaliated. Again, it was on the pit of the road. Here’s what had happened.

As their respective vehicles were heading towards the garage, Keselowski had dangerously planned to swipe the vehicle of Hamlin. Luckily, his plan of doing such a mischievous did not materialize by God’s grace. To perhaps let his pent up emotions against Hamlin, he made it sure that Tony Stewart will not escape his raging anger. he deliberately rear-ended the vehicle of Stewart which in effect hit Kenseth’s racing car. The rest is history. The NASCAR Charlotte top contenders had their own varying statements as to how and who started the fight in the first place. On the contrary, Keselowski had defended him-self by saying,

For some reason after the race (Hamlin) stopped in front of me and tried to pick a fight. I don’t know what that was about. He swung and hit at my car. I figure if we’re going to play car wars under the yellow and after the race, I’m going to play, too.

Here’s the actual footage. Who was to blame without getting biased? Let us all watch this objectively. After all, these NASCAR Charlotte greats both need fair judgments.

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