Life is sometimes a distressful journey, no matter what we do to make it blissful, tranquil and satisfying everyday. There are so many not so good situations in our midst that tend to cause us so much miseries and pains which severely demoralize our self-esteem to a large extent. In effect, these unfortunate happenings diminish our trust and confidence in the following: The environment that we belong, people around us and most importantly, in our psychosocial adjustments to every phase of our existential survival. One of the most damaging and devastating scenarios in our lives are the existence of nasty rumors. By definition, these are basically sets of false accusations which are commonly baseless and stressful on the part of the wrongfully accused.

Nasty rumors about us should be dealt with calmness and confidence.

Nasty rumors about us should be dealt with calmness and confidence.

7 Time-Tested Strategies on How to Deal with False Accusations

To effectively handle those dirty false rumors against you, here are the easiest strategies to finally put an end to those talks that are completely untrue and without credible or strong evidence.

  1. Evaluate the truthfulness or veracity of the accusation.- Spend a quiet moment to evaluate everything first.
  2. Face them squarely, no matter how complex or simple they are.- In this second step, it involves two essential facets: These are to confirm and confront the rumor and the one who spreads them. Calmly, approach the mongerer.
  3. Provide an impassioned rebuttal.- Discuss it with the mongerer. Honestly, tell the person that it is affecting you and your family so much. More so, try to maintain a kind of behavior that is and at the same time without any taint of a counter accusation.
  4. Live a normal life– Do not ever let those things hamper your personal and financial productivities. After all, you alone can unlock the truth to everything. Do not be revengeful.
  5. Do not engage your-self in that same thing..- Gently, get away from the situation. Simply, tell your peers. I do not meddle with other people’s lives.
  6. Analyze the causes of those unfair accusations.- Always have in mind that most people spread false accusations because of jealousy and envy. Therefore, look at the situation with positive perspectives and approaches.
  7. Discuss the matter with your superior– Never hesitate to approach your boss about them. After a much needed mediation had taken place and these rumors are still circulating, find other ways on how to resolve them.

Finally, remember that nasty rumors are purely psychological in nature. Meaning, those people who are spreading negative things about you and your loved ones are capitalizing on these situations at your expense in order to cover up for their major and irresolvable dilemmas in their lives.

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