Our skin is the largest part of the body, which should be taken cared of and caressed like a beautiful flower. This goes without saying that there are numerous over the counter sunblocks which are proliferating in global markets today. But, as we all know these are made with lots of chemicals which might endanger our flawless skin in the long run. Consequently, there are diverse substitutes which are made from natural and non-toxic ingredients.

A dab of an all-natural wheat germ oil can be used as an effective sunblock,

A dab of an all-natural wheat germ oil can be used as an effective sunblock,

It might sound too absurd but a carrot seed can be effectively used to protect the external and inner layers of the skin as a whole. Meanwhile, these natural and non-toxic oils are beneficial because these generously allow some sun rays to penetrate the human skin because of its regular need to have the much needed Vitamin D exposure. Going back to these chemical-free oils to shield the skin from those harmful UV rays, here are the effective natural and non-toxic oils that you must choose from to make your skin supple and radiant everyday. First in the list is a wheat germ oil. To describe, this kind of oil is unscented and slightly less viscous. As for its composition, this has a high Vitamin E content which prevents the skin from further damage due to its extremely high levels of antioxidants. Aside from its sun blocking properties, a wheat germ oil can be used in treating other skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Thus, if you have burns a wheat germ oil will solve your skin problem. Next in line, is a carrot seed oil. According to those researchers who had intensively studied this oil, it has an SPF level of 38 percent. Likewise, this is rich in carotene and Vitamin A. A carrot seed oil lightens your age spots gradually. In the same manner, this oil will make your skin wrinkle-free after its prolonged use for weeks or even after several years. Ideally, this is best for old and matured looking skin. When applied, you might be experiencing some feelings of heaviness on your skin because of its all-natural compositions.

We also have the red raspberry oil. It has an SPF protection level as high as 50. Likewise this can be used as beauty enhancer for the skin because of its high emollients constitution. Further, this unique and enriching oil has a high percentage of Vitamin E which is mainly responsible in regenerating the skin and its tissues. It has high concentration levels of alpha linolenic acid, which is anti-inflammatory in nature. There are natural and non-toxic oils which you can widely choose from. These are as follows: Olive oil, Shea Butter, Almond Oil, Sesame Seed Oil and Hemp Oil. You can now save tons and tons of cash, if you are to use these natural and non-toxic oils beginning today.

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