20 years ago, on this same day, March 18, his highness, NBA legend and Basketball superstar Michael Jordan has ended his retirement and joined the Chicago Bulls once again after retiring from the game he loved and devoted some of his time playing baseball. It was not too long until the king of the basketball court felt the itch to go back to the game and find his groove once again. His comeback was confirmed by a statement released by his agent David Falk, where Jordan said only two words “I’m Back”. In his first game, Jordan once again led the Chicago Bulls against Indianapolis Pacers where the game was nationally televised. Fans of the old champ watched him play once again and reminisce his glory which started more than 2 decades ago.

It was an emotional moment for Jordan, his team mates and specially his fans when they saw him play in that red Chicago Bulls uniform. Though it was too risky for Jordan, joining the Chicago Bulls again was the right choice for him where he had the chance to redeem and save his empire and lead his team to success.

Michael Jordan Back to Chicago Bulls

Michael Jordan Back to Chicago Bulls

His love and passion for Basketball is enormous which made him say that he would always love basketball, always play basketball, but never again for money. Michael Jordan took us into a great journey in the world of sports and for that we will forever be grateful to you.


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