The story is about a young married couple Mac played by Seth Rogen and Kelly, Rose Byrne who are adjusting to parenthood so just moved into their first home. They are at the moment have  fresh memories of their partying days, but are settling into a life full of responsibility and resisting a bit at that thought. When the Delta Psy Kappa fraternity buys the house next door, Mac and Kelly tried to be their cool neighbors.  They went over their new neighbors and introduce themselves to Teddy (Zac Efron) and Pete (Dave Franco), who happens to be the president and vice president of the fraternity. The young couple tries to reach out to avoid any problems in the future. That lasted for a day only because the brotherhood and Teddy are particularly obsessed with partying. Teddy is equally determined to have his own picture up on the wall before he graduates which is a problem to Mac and Kelly and their baby daughter, Stella. What begins with a petty squabble escalates into a full blown war as Mac works to figure out a way to drive away the frat out of the house even as the Delta fraternity works to figure out a way to reach a party God immortality.

Neighbors 2014

Neighbors 2014

The movie “Neighbors” is the 4th film from director Nicholas Stoller but it is his first collaboration with Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. The flick creates an interesting mixture of their different styles, something that is evidently one of the funniest opening sequences movie watchers have seen in years. It effectively allows the audience to know how irresponsible Mac and his wife, Kelly as parents before you are quickly thrown into a simple neighborhood war that involve the frat house next door. Seth’s did not break anything new with his character into the movie but it seems like a transitional movie for him where he can portray being one of the frat boys to playing parental roles without losing his self confidence. With his portrayal of the character, he created a combination of humor that will be appealing to both college and young parents even if Teddy does not seem to be a good match on his acting. When Mac and Teddy try to be buddies, there is a feeling of scheming and not realistic.

Stroller was able to put an impressive cast around the main lead that helps with some of the scenes with Rose being a revelation in her ability to keep up with Rogen in terms of their scenes throwing gags out to each other. She is very funny in her own right not the typical comedy wife who just reacts to her husbands’ pranks. The couple is enjoyable to watch on screen. The movie loses something whenever it goes to Teddy and the frat house. Dave has some of the funny lines and bits in these scenes but others in the frat house are given their own time and moments as well.

Neighbors is still a very funny movie, the humor definitely is of good taste. There is an attempt to create something meaningful with heart in the character of Mac and Rose when they are dealing to become  responsible parents but that is thrown out of the window whenever they try to come down to the level of the frat boys.

The third quarter of the movie gets predictable as the war between neighbors heat up. The real problem arises when the filmmaker tries to figure out how to end the movie. The movie itself is not long but some jokes and scenes are stretched too long and that seems to be true with the ending.

Neighbors 2014 Movie Trailer

The movie all in all is hilarious, funny and rough from beginning to end, neighbors succeed at being more than your classic frat house movie, and it is a mix of humor that might lose some along the way.

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