After Neil Patrick Harris found a great success in hosting the Tony awards, he now shares his clever talent to the Oscars. Neil Patrick Harris began the 87th Academy Awards with a musical number along with “Into the Woods” actress Anna Kendrick. Harris gave nods to 87 years of film history as well as to this year’s nominees. See below Neil Patrick Harris Oscars 2015 Opening Number.

Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris began the Oscars 2015 ceremony with a musical number.

Neil Patrick Harris Oscars 2015 Opening Number is a song and dance monologue, with numerous audience members like Anna Kendrick, Jack Black and Benedict Cumberbatch. The magical performance includes holograms, graphics and shadow dancing that are truly cheeky. However, some are thinking about the one monologue joke about the lack of diversity, “Today we honor Hollywood’s best and whitest. Sorry… brightest,” he said.

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