China has once again proven that they are able to build man-made wonders. In this regard, it has recently opened the world’s largest building. This is no other than but the New Century Global Center. Unbelievably, the said structure can accommodate 6,000 persons via its unique indoor beach resort, which has incredibly possess its own sun that shines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Imagine that..a man-made sun that can keep the building’s visitors warm and tanned while being indoors. What an awesome work of art!

The New Century Global Center in China is the biggest building in the world with an indoor sun.

The New Century Global Center in China is the biggest building in the world with an indoor sun.

The New Century Global Center is located at Chengdu. This is China’s fourth largest city. Visitors will get the chance to unwind and escape the crowded streets and pollution. This building is dubbed as the largest building in the world. The New Century Global Center measures about 1,600 feet long, 1,300 feet wide and is 330 feet tall. The grandiose center houses together a beach, a movie theatre, shopping center and a hotel in one outrageous tourist attraction. When put together, it measures about 5.77 million square feet and is said to 3x larger than the Pentagon.

If you are going to visit its 18 storey tall glass foyer covered entrance, you will travel down to an aquarium lined path, filled with Polynesian cabins and a Middle Eastern fortress as one of its biggest attractions ever built. Apart from these, a huge wave pool is also one of the sophisticated crowd drawers of the said humongous art work. Thus, it also has the largest LED screen in the world.

Meanwhile, their man-made resort can accommodate more than 6,000 visitors who can dive and dip in the water as they bathe under an artificial sun. They will also get to enjoy the artificial sea wind and its beautiful lights from a lovely morning scene as it turns into an impressive and brilliant sunset. This beautifully extends in different directions. Its artificial sun gives a comfortable temperature.

The New Century Global Center has the usual variation of mega-building accessories and has a 14-inch screen IMAX theatre, a shopping center  that looks like a Mediterranean village, posh restaurants and has two five star hotels. What more can you ask for? Also, this magnificent sight is the totally in contrast to the city in which it is found. Simply because, Chengdu is considered to be one of the most polluted cities in the world. When you happen to enter this exceptional center, you will be able to find that it can even accommodate offices that are both ostentatious and relaxing. It also houses 1,000 luxury hotel suites to make it a perfect place for work and play.

The New Century Global Center was developed by Deng Hong’s Entertainment that is nearly 400,000 square meters. This is solely dedicated to shopping and entertainment purposes. Among its basic features are: It also has spacious conference rooms, offices and a university complex, two commercial centers, hotels and an IMAX cinema and a skating rink. Its centrepiece is a 54,000 square feet with an artificial beach. Its architectural prototype was built with an overlooking pool, a food court and a safe and secured entrance at its floor level.

The intercontinental hotel features 1009 rooms. Part of its shopping area has been opened in the early months of  2013. It was opened formally when the center hosted the Global Fortune 500 Conference last March of 2013. On the other hand, there is another man-made wonder in China together with the New Century Global Center and Sky City. Proudly,it is the hydroelectric dam found in Sichuan, which is dubbed as the tallest dam in the world.

Oh, wait there is more… There’s another skyscraper which is being built in the country. Its construction started last May of 2013. It is called the Sky City and is 2,749 foot tall said to be 30 feet taller than the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifia found in Dubai. Unlike the New Century Global Center, the Sky City is big and is perceived as a practical way to start another city that will answer the rapid population growth in the country. It has been built by the same company that puts together a 30-storey hotel in just 15 days. The so-called Broad Group, are experts in putting up Lego-like prefabricated buildings and they hope to complete the Sky City in three months time by putting up 5 storey building per day.

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