The global and unique world of cyberspace is not only an excellent avenue for every information that we need each day of our lives. Best of all, this is an excellent innovation where a new cyberspace singing sensation is being accidentally discovered through its number of viewers most specially on YouTube. An eight year old kid by the name of Harry Rodriguez, is making waves via the popular video portal through his various renditions of different songs. One of his most viewed videos is his very heartwarming rendition of the song Dance with My Father. In fact, he made me cry when I heard and watched this splendid video of his.

Harry Rodriguez, is an 8- year old boy who has an impeccable vocal range like Michael Jackson.

Harry Rodriguez, is an 8- year old boy who has an impeccable vocal range like Michael Jackson.

Just to give you a backgrounder of this new cyberspace singing sensation, Harry Rodriguez belongs to an average family who has a little gardening business in Calumpit, Bulacan, Philippines. Genetically, he inherited his angelic singing voice from his ever supportive mother Meds Rodriguez and his grandmother Elvira who loves to hum a tune for her adorable plants. At an early age, his admirable singing talent had become evident when he was about 4 years old. Upon his family’s discovery of his rare gift from Above, Harry’s grandmother encouraged him to take some voice lessons up to this day.

Speaking of his singing idols, Harry beamingly revealed that he likes Ogie Alcasid and Jessica Sanchez. When asked about how he feels about his most liked and frequently shared videos on YouTube, he humbly said in an interview with a local television show these heartwarming words.

Thanks to everyone who liked and shared my videos.

Meanwhile, Harry Rodriguez’s own version of Dance with My Father, was not actually meant for his biological father but for his deceased grandfather who died two years ago. When asked about the major reason as to why he liked that song so much, he simply said,

The song is very touching.

Ultimately, this new cyberspace singing sensation will undoubtedly go places if he continues to hone his God given talent without getting overboard. Of course, Harry Rodriguez must keep his feet on the ground to ensure that his unexpected streak of luck and success will never die just like a flickering candlelight in the night.

Listen to his tearful rendition of the song, Dance with My Father. He sings like the King of Pop during his younger days. Watch and sing with him with all your heart and soul.

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