New Jersey is now on a red alert status after the dreaded and deadly Enterovirus had claimed the life of an active and vibrant kid in such a busy and progressive state like New Jersey. A preschooler has died in Hamilton, New Jersey. Based on verified accounts, this was the very first known casualty of Enterovirus D68. As previously mentioned, this kind of a viral infection can cause various respiratory illnesses which has no visible manifestations at its first onset unlike the equally treacherous Ebola virus.

Eli Waller had peacefully died while he was into a deep slumber. He was seen lifeless last September 25, 2014. Based on several test results, the once playful young lad’s cause of death was indeed the mysterious virus. In memory of this very adorable little angel of his loving family, he was best described as their perfect and beautiful son. Eli was the youngest among the triplets in their extremely blessed family. Prior to the merciless attack of the said virus, the precocious child fell in love with soccer to the hilt. During the course of his most painful ordeal, Eli Waller remained to be a fighter until the very end. When he was still alive he was an afternoon preschooler at the Yardville Elementary School.

Eli Waller, a four-year old kid died from Enterovirus D68.

Eli Waller, a four-year old kid died from Enterovirus D68.

Meanwhile, CDC has confirmed that there were already 594 persons across the 43 states of US; as well as the District of Columbia who had been afflicted with the D68 virus most specially in mid August. Likewise, it has been found in at least four people who eventually died after a few days of confinement in nearby hospitals. However, medical experts had yet to issue some relevant statements once everything has been thoroughly examined. Going back to NJ, there were already nine cases of D68 virus in eight unnamed counties as revealed by New Jersey’s Department of Health. Furthermore, a spokesperson of their health department who goes by the name of Donna Leusner had said that their ever reliable health department is currently establishing a constant communication with other school and health personnels. Along this juncture, there is an official health portal which is exclusively involved in information dissemination about this intriguing Enterovirus D68.

It is highly recommended to every parent around the world, to take notice of the varying signs and symptoms of the D68 viral infection. Generally, the most common symptoms are coughing, body and muscle pains, runny nose and even fever. As days passed, a simple fever could even become worse and might cause difficulty in breathing and wheezing to name a few. Relatively, an Enterovirus spreads quickly when a person had a close contact with a carrier. Infection can quickly happen if you are to touch those surfaces with an Enterovirus.

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