Mobile communications have tremendously evolved since the first one was ever invented. Needless to brag about them, these innovative gadgets have become integral parts of our busy and active lifestyles. Today, this interesting website writes about a new and stylish cellphone with an eye-catching physique and name. This is no other than but the versatile and cheeky Nexus 6.

Nexus 6 is the newest mobile phone in town is big in features but it is so affordable.

Nexus 6 is the newest mobile phone in town is big in features but it is so affordable.

To begin with, it has a humongous screen which can be likened to a monster in the real sense of the word. Thus, it is more sufficing to say that it can also be associated with a flat screen television which can be held on the palm of your hand. Although it might be too exaggerated for some people, let us all take a closer look at it and see for our-selves how outrageous it is inside and out. Imagine this. It has a 5.96-inch 2560 x 1440 screen size. Comparatively, this is much larger than the precedent of Nexus 6. Based on its previous reviews, a specified diagonal inch was added it for a more striking look. Speaking of its mesmerizing screen type, this fantastic phone makes use of the AMOLED which is actually the internal component of MOTO-X. Having this, users no longer need to increase the resolution of their phone.

As for its external physique, the 6th wave of Nexus was creatively built with a Corning Gorilla Glass 3. In so doing, this amazing mobile phone is between the borderline of being tough and weak; depending on how you use the sixth version of Nexus in your everyday life. Amazingly, it dearly possesses a so-called form factor. To expound, this awesome phone is 40 percent larger and 30 percent heavier. Significantly, this type of a Nexus phone is much lighter and compact for easy handling. The subsequent sections will delve around its flexible and user-friendly features that you will never get tired of exploring time and again.


Below, are some of the striking features of Nexus 6. Take a look at them and explore them till you drop.

  1. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 for a much bigger memory storage.
  2. 50% more of its Random Access Memory and a quad core 2.7GHz Krait 450 CPU
  3. It has a huge phablet.
  4. This phone has stunning camera features which very well include a 13 megapixel and an f2.0 lens.
  5. 4k video recording capability.
  6. Has a longer battery life and this part of the phone is non-removable.
  7. 10 hours of 4G Surfing
  8. 9.5 hours of WiFi Surfing
  9. 330 hours of standby
  10. 24 hours talk time
  11. Quick-charging capability

These features will definitely entice you to buy it as soon as you have the means. As for its pricing, Nexus 6 is at $649 and its contract-free.

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