The fascinating percepts of Philippine Literature will not be as influential if there is nobody who is as brilliant as Nick Joaquin. He had been empowered by a universal and immeasurable intellect which is only unique to him without getting too exaggerated at all. Through the years, it had clearly personified a comprehensive and comprehensible understanding of the Filipino individuality, personal concerns and the real condition of the Philippines as a democratic and sovereign nation which cannot survive without writing about his or her personal beliefs and aspirations as a whole. In this line of contention, Nick Joaquin became an integral and a catalytic pioneer of Filipino Literature. This only proves that his intellectual brilliance continues to shine through his animated and timeless literary pieces, which will always be a perpetual part of the Philippines’ National Library and other historical archives of the Filipino nation.

Nick Joaquin is a Filipino Literary genius .

Nick Joaquin is a Filipino Literary genius .

Nick Joaquin was one of the greatest Filipino writers during his heydays. For over 60 years, he has intellectually labored and creatively produced countless literary writings with overflowing richness and immeasurable range. Personally, he was described by his contemporaries as someone who was very much dedicated to his craft. Thus, he was able to conjure the whole world through his powerful and convincing words. Due to his enigmatic persona and intelligence, he was dubbed by many as the writer’s writer. Significantly, the marvelous creations of Joaquin had embodied and wholly embraced the Philippines’ manifold and being, as a cradle of progress and development and at the same time, its weaknesses in terms of propelling itself to a more dynamic social change. H was born on September 17, 1917, which coincided the Feast Day of Saint Nicomedes, the proto martyr of Rome. In addition, he was devout Roman Catholic who came from an educated and well-off family. Leocadio Joaquin, his father was a legal luminary. He was a prosecutor in the Court of First Instance in the peaceful municipality of Laguna.

The unforgettable and happy childhood of Nick Joaquin was fashioned like a creative and marvelous artwork in a genteel home where the Spanish language was a MUST. As a family, they regularly went to church on Sundays. . Hence, if they had out of town escapades they had with them their huge European car Also, the Joaquin siblings had a tutor in both piano and Spanish lessons. Since Salome was a schoolteacher herself, she had managed to motivate her children to appreciate the arts in all ardor and willingness. respectively. Nick Joaquin was the fifth in the brood. In Paco Manila, their family had enjoyed their fruitful years of love and togetherness in a two-storey residential and commercial building, located along Herrera Streets.This huge property was proudly owned by their family. The monthly rentals of the said real estate property had made the Joaquin clan to live a happy and comfortable lifestyle, during those days. When the elder Joaquin passed away, it was one of the main turning points in the life of the ambitious literary guru. On the personal side, he was described by his father as not sociable. As such, he even used a pseudonym in one of his major writings as Dr. Chavez.

He was a school was a school dropout, due financial woes. He had studied in Paco Elementary School; while his secondary years were successfully accomplished in Mapa High School. For some unknown reason he was not at ease with the way quality education was provided for in those years. Joaquin longed to become a priest in his younger days. His first job ever was an apprentice boy in a Filipino-owned bakery. After a few years, he had tried other jobs like a printer’s devil in the composition department of TVT publishing company, Through this particular bread and butter of his, he had fruitfully developed his love for writing literary pieces. To begin with his colorful rendezvous with the pen and paper world, he tried to hone his passion for reading under the tutelage of Sarah K. Joaquin, her very supportive sister-in-law. Likewise, he was a passionate book lover. To date, his late father gave him a borrower’s card at the National Library at age 10. Among his best choices of books were the following: The Poetry of Edna Street, Vincent Milay and that of Vachel Lindsay. Furthermore, he had numerous magazines like the Saturday Evening Post, the Harper and the Cosmopolitan magazines, respectively. The fountains of his inspiration were the early days of the 1930’s, when both the American language and education had subjectively distanced Filipino writers in English from their immediate environment.

To explain, Filipino writers then only saw the English language as the core foundations of writing. Through the years, he continued his love and passion for writing. In fact, he was able to finish another precious literary gem of his, The Woman Who Felt Like Lazarus This was a tale about an aging vaudeville sensation . More so, he had also written an essay which has a very religious title, La Naval in Manila. Meanwhile, Free Press stint of Nick Joaquin had created for him an established and illustrious name in Philippine Letters. If your elders had preserved a copy of this best-selling magazine in the Philippines, you will have a chance to read some of his well-loved short stories and essays. Previously, he had worked for the Philippine Press as a proofreader, copywriter until he made it all the way to the top by becoming a staff member of the most widely read magazine, across the nation. His milestones and contributions in Philippine Literature were superbly enhanced by Philippine Press. Their Prose and Poem section in 1943 proudly showcased the other creative genres of Joaquin like the novellas and those very enriching plays. To conclude, Nick Joaquin will lovingly remembered as a secret keeper of Filipino traditions, which remains to be unmatched until today.


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