Sleeping with a dimmed light just like that of a lampshade might no longer be advisable these days because according to health experts, this very ideal and functional room ornament of yours could cause breast tumors in the long run. Thus, it inhibits melatonin production and you tend to be resistant to breast tumor treatment drugs as well. This significant study about the ill-effects of night light exposure was conducted by Prof. Steven M. Hill of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. It was then published by American Association for Cancer Research.

Consistent night light exposure causes breast tumors, according to research studies.

Consistent night light exposure causes breast tumors, according to research studies.

Based on their scientific experiment by using some rats, it was conclusively found out that

Our levels of melatonin are not determined by sleep, as many people think,” explains Prof. Hill. “It is actually the darkness that is important. During the night, if you sleep in a brightly lit room, your melatonin levels may be inhibited; however, if you are in the dark but cannot sleep, your melatonin levels will rise normally.

Moreover, their study has further revealed that there tends to be an extensive shift of the so- called circadian rhythm or disturbed sleep which in due time causes the development of breast tumors. On the other hand, for those people who are afflicted with a hormone receptor positive breast cancer the treatment process might somehow would become extremely difficult because of its resistance to a certain drug for the said ailment, in both men and women respectively. Furthermore, he explained.

Our data, although they were generated in rats, have potential implications for the large number of patients with breast cancer who are being treated with tamoxifen, because they suggest that nighttime exposure to light, even dim light, could cause their tumors to become resistant to the drug by suppressing melatonin production.

Similarly, this team of researchers has said.

Additionally, we have found out that the rats living in the dim night light had tumors that were completely resistant to tamoxifen, while the rats living in normal conditions had tumors that significantly regressed.

Night light exposure should be critically subjected to a further and comprehensive scientific study to be able to warrant the incidence of countless mortalities as caused by breast tumors and other illnesses in general.

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