The movie,Night Moves is about Josh, a young man who is immersing him-self in the concept of eco-terrorism with Dena and Harmon. Josh made a plan to blow up a dam in order to strike back at the capitalists whom he believes are destroying the land After their attempts, they ended up in producing some unpredictable results. Josh begins to be bothered that he cannot trust his group to keep quiet and worries that he might soon be confronted by the authorities. This is what you are going to watch out for.

There are suggestive lines in Night Moves which allow the audience to quickly discern that Josh, Harmon and Dena bought a boat because they are planning to use this to stock tons of ammonium nitrates to blow up a dam. The movie’s first part is so effective, because of its revealing dialogues and the director’s suggestive attitude of a place. Josh is quick to bring up questions when smallest things go wrong but he is also swift to drop them off and reassure his group in an optimistic manner.

Night Moves is a movie that perfectly talks about the spices of life.

Night Moves is a movie that perfectly talks about the spices of life.

There was one part in the movie wherein Josh and Dena have engaged them-selves in an ideologically charged conversation about fishing. Dena’s attempt to buy fertilizer is a good act, since it was aptly considered as more than scripted scene that speaks more about the characters’ attitudes and biases than its plot’s obstacles.

The opening images and still shots have displayed an opposition between characters and their objectives. Also, it was succeeded by a tracking shot following a bike down on a mountainous road and in almost every new location which wa harmoniously established through strings of longer takes, carefully framing terrains, rivers, plants and mountains. As such, Reichardt is an admirable and unique filmmaker because she made use of a sound and image to infuse a new and an unexpected meaning of unstructured narrative formats. Generally, those propensities have perfectly adorned Night Moves with respect.

Night Moves has a much clearer focus on storytelling and narrative solidity. Plagued with foreshadowing, there are a couple of scenes that involved potential witnesses who have existed solely to create tension and suspense. Consequently, those scenes have defined the film’s shining moments. However, the film becomes quite an aimless sequence of changeable scenes. It is because it has a plot driven dialogue soiling on many of the film’s vague points and resulting in an uncharacteristically blunt of moralizing. Also, it fails to present something new and to critique the tropes it unearths.

As the movie goes on, the viewers would tend to lose their interests. It was because Night Move’s conclusion can be assumed earlier and the camera completely pays no attention to the details and shades of behaviour that were used to effectively provide suspense in the half part of the film. Further, the reaction time was somewhat late. In effect, there are senseless interventions concerning its minor or supporting characters. Apart from these, it has a slow plot and it had no additional insights of re-instilling Josh with empathy.

As the film builds its climax, it loses a hold factor on its viewers. But still, it is difficult to criticize a filmmaker for taking steps to bring to life a classic narrative. Unfortunately, it has to improve on its narration aspect. Nevertheless, this could be a nice stepping stone of enriching filmmakers in the future. By the way, the director’s formal cuts do not possess dissolved nor dispelled mechanisms. Conversely, If the movie is a slip-up, it is also an example of Reichardt’s talent. Likewise, every little interaction and sound effect becomes charged with meaning that relates back to the characters’ own feelings of guilt. Hence, a consequence is equally detail driven and is harder to deal with a kind of action which leads to the onset of a particular crime.

Overall, Night Moves it is still a beautiful film. Here is one solid proof. The film certainly forefronts the effects of doing something you know is wrong regardless of no matter how noble your reasons are.

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