A daredevil act is a remarkable feat, although this awesome talent can be described as life-threatening for some, Nik Wallenda possesses a furious kind of attitude which made him to exceptionally accomplish a task with a dangerous dividing between life and death. Successfully, this incredible man has bravely conquered the Windy Skyline in Chicago. In retrospect, Nik is among the 7th generation descendant of the world-renowned Flying Wallendas. Among his fascinating achievements which can be historically written in the Guinness Book of World Records were as follows: Initially, Wallenda casually walked on a steel cable just above the vast River of Chicago, Niagara and so much more.

Aero man Nik Wallenda amazingly towers the Chicago Skyline without fear.

Aero man Nik Wallenda amazingly towers the Chicago Skyline without fear.

As we all know, this magnificent body of water is splendidly linked to Windy City’s West Marina Tower above the Leo Burnett Building. Meanwhile, this newest and most famed aero experiment of his had made him pose a 19-degree angle move. Overall, he was able to marvelously establish a 588 feet aero exhibition which had amazingly culminated at a total of 671 feet. During his most impressive presentation of his balancing prowess in the air a last minute modification had been done as required by the city for whatever purpose it might serve. To make this timeless exhibition more thrilling, Nik Wallenda was totally blindfolded before he did that skywalking endeavor with an approximate measurement of 543 feet. Previously, he impeccably did the same thing in Niagara Falls and Gorge, The Little River of Colorado. Afterwards, the only thing that he uttered was

There were some strong winds that hit me in the face. It stood me up straight.

To know more about him, here is a brief but interesting profile of Skywalker Nik Wallenda. He is an American acrobat by profession who was born on the 24th of January. As a result of his no retreat no surrender aero performances, he was rightfully dubbed as the King of the Wire simply because he has no safety gears whenever he does an aero dynamic walk above the clouds. Historically, he was the first ever man to walk on a tightrope which was safely stretched along the beautiful and cinematic Niagara Falls. This unbelievable stunt of his was well- documented on June 15, 2012. Incidentally,it had gained an unprecedented international mileage. When he was still young, he started to fell in love with those death-defying tightrope liaisons when he was barely 13 years of age. From then on, he bravely tried some of the most strange high-wired acts which made him even more popular than ever before. It all began in 1998 and the rest is history.

As they say, nobody becomes a master of his own trade or craft if that particular genius will not land on the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, your guess is as good as mine. Nik Wallenda already did. He was significantly recognized by Guinness for the longest and highest bicycle ride on a 250 foot long wire. Indeed, Nikolas Wallenda is an iconic high-wire superhero to watch out for.


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