The famous showbiz bloodline of Nino Muhlach, the former child wonder of Philippine Showbiz can never escape the showbiz curiosity of his son, Alonzo. Alonzo Muhlach is very much like his dad when he was at peak of his illustrious career in the late 1970’s. Aside from grooming his kid to be like him, he is more into directing rather than to be in front of the camera. Further, Nino is making some movies these days under Reality Media and M-ZET Productions respectively. Going back, Nino Muhlach will be with his child in the movie, My Bossing’s Adventures. Likewise, his cute and the newest child wonder of his life has three movies in a row. Incidentally, Alonzo is doing a movie with Vic Sotto, John Lloyd Cruz and Dingdong Dantes.

Former child wonder Nino Muhlach encourages his son to follow his footsteps.

Former child wonder Nino Muhlach encourages his son to follow his footsteps.

Nino Muhlach does not mind to be tagged as a stage father, because as a parent the welfare of Alonzo comes first above anything else . He said he is not the kind of a stage father who will closely monitor his precious Alonzo on the set. He says that he is their to teach his child the basic acting techniques of acting that he exceptionally mastered from veteran directors of his time like Lino Brocka and J. Erastheo Navoa. Modesty aside, Nino said that Alonzo is really talented. However, his only setback is he does not know how to speak the Filipino language. From the very start, English is his basic and first language specially at home.

Financially, he wants Alonzo’s money to be placed in a trust fund to help him have a much brighter future. Just like him, his parents bought him a building from his showbiz earnings. In the Philippines, the elegant and affordable El Nino Apartelle belongs to the one and only child star of local showbiz. That is the main reason why, Nino did not suffer any financial difficulty when he was no longer bankable just like the way he was before. Best of all, his father has prepared him to wholeheartedly accept his fate when that time comes.

In closing, Nino Muhlach is so much blessed by God for having a son like Alonzo. His unforgettable footsteps toward success is now being followed by his innocent angel to make him realize that the glittering world of stardom never fades because destiny wants it to shine even brighter for his family all these years.

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