The unmatched and propelling martyrdom of former senator Benigno Aquino III will be commemorated again by the entire Filipino nation this coming Thursday, August 21, 2014. This historic and momentous occasion is widely known as Ninoy Aquino Day. The national government of the Philippines has declared this special day as a special non-working holiday. This was in accordance to provisions of RA 9265 which was duly signed by former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.

These are only some of the nostalgic photos of former senator Ninoy Aquino.

These are only some of the nostalgic photos of former senator Ninoy Aquino.

Along this line, the son of the slain senator Benigno Aquino III has duly signed Proclamation No.655 which paved the way for the announcement that Ninoy Aquino Day is a special non-working holiday. However, the next day is not a holiday. This has been time and again reiterated by Malacanang. Meanwhile, let us go back in those early years wherein former senator Aquino was earnestly seeking for the restoration of freedom and democracy to finally put an end to the alleged dictatorial regime of ex-president Ferdinand Edralin Marcos. The ex-senator was the youngest member of the press during his early twenties.

Due to his unbelievable brilliance and wisdom, he ran for various political seats. Among these were the congressional and senatorial seats respectively. As a senator, he was considered as the worst nemesis of then president Marcos. Therefore, he was bitterly accused of sedition charges and was set to die via firing squad. Luckily, he did not. However, he was ordered to be detained because of his fiercest attacks on the popular regime of Marcos. While he was in detention, he suffered a heart attack.

To save his life, Ferdinand Marcos has agreed to allow him to have a triple heart bypass in the US. While he was there, he never stopped his quest for freedom until his tragic return to the Philippines on August 21, 1983. He was assassinated by Rolando Galman at the tarmac of the Manila International Airport. From then on, the Filipino people never stopped from praying that someday genuine democracy will be lawfully instituted in the country. The Ninoy Aquino Day is really worth celebrating because this is the very day that the Philippines has been awakened from its political and socioeconomic dormancies since 1972- 1986.

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