The turning point of Philippine democracy was the most well-remembered legacy of former senator Ninoy Aquino. His much sensational assassination has angered the Filipino people thinking that his worst nemesis has something to do with it. Whatever the reasons why for his untimely demise on the afternoon of August 21, 1983, only God knew all about that extremely dark secret in Philippine history. Today, is the momentous commemoration of his immeasurable martyrdom.

In this respect, let this news item pay tribute to a noble and brilliant man who has dearly and courageously fought for the swift restoration of freedom and democracy with his own sweat and blood. Ampeso, the Vice-Consul of the Philippine Consulate in New Orleans was the one who secretly two passports to the genuine hero of Philippine democracy. He vividly recalled that nobody would ever do it in those years because everyone was afraid of the former strongman in Malacanang. On a hindsight, Ampeso has described the death of the former lawmaker as a bittersweet part of Philippine history. The subsequent paragraphs will vividly recall how he went back home to his native homeland.

Former senator Ninoy Aquino Jr, was assassinated on the fateful day of August 21, 1983,

Former senator Ninoy Aquino Jr, was assassinated on the fateful day of August 21, 1983,

Marcial Bonifacio

Former senator Ninoy Aquino used the mysterious Marcial Bonifacio to enable him-self to have two passports. Marcial stands for Marcial Martial Law and the word Bonifacio means Andres Bonifacio, the supreme founder of the Katipunan. Prior to the issuance of these travel documents, Ampeso said.

I asked him to clear it with no less than Marcos himself, probably, through a fraternity brother and classmate by the name of Roque Ablan. I think they did and he said, ‘Yes I already cleared it.

Thus, he in turn double checked those documents as far as far as their issuance were concerned. This means to say, that Marcos had to approve the issuance of these pertinent travel papers in going back to the Philippines. After which, he gave it to the former senator at the La Guardia Airport in New York. In gratitude, Ninoy Aquino said these words.

Joey, when I’m in Manila let us see each other.

In conclusion, Ninoy Aquino has died for a worthy cause. He is truly a hero in these modern times.

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