What would you do if your mobile phone has no Google apps? Frankly, every innovative cellphone user will find it very unusual if this most essential feature of their phone is nowhere to be found. As an overview, there is actually an Android phone sans Google apps. This is the innovative and sleek Nokia X which is impressively highlighted with a highly-customized UI interface and it has wittingly replaced a Google app with Microsoft’s techie software.

Nokia X, the newest Android phone from Nokia has no Google apps.

Nokia X, the newest Android phone from Nokia has no Google apps.

Moreover, one of the most fascinating features of Nokia X is the critical modification of a Google Android homescreen. Likewise, it has magnificently done away with its sliding functions from right to left which go for its diverse homescreens. To remarkably make it the cellphone of the century, it was coupled with scrolling screens which are vertically-positioned. Characteristically, it exudes a very cool tile look.

According to David Cogen, a famous product reviewer for a famous website he has this to say.

Swiping to the left or right on the homescreen brings you to your recent apps and things you’ve done with them (i.e. sent a tweet).


You can also pull down on this to get to your alarm.

The user-friendly Android Phone sans Google apps, can be vigorously tapped twice to wake it up and make it functional again. Doing this, will conveniently cater to your varying personal and communication needs everyday. Last but not the least, this newest addition to the Nokia family has an FM radio, Here maps, its very own internet browser which makes use of Bing as its exemplary search engine.

To sum up, the versatile and stylish Nokia X, an android phone sans Google apps will definitely make Nokia as the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturer as it was before. Perhaps, this is a positive indicator that they are really determined to get back on its feet again. Let us all wait and see.

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