The Philippines’ one and only Superstar, Nora Aunor bounces back into the limelight after her most controversial exclusion among the roster of National Artist awardees several weeks ago. This time, she is returning to the silver screen with a vengeance through her newest film, Justice. Aunor humbly graced the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival wherein this latest film of hers is one of its official entries. As far the National Artist Awards issue is concerned, she refused to comment about it anymore.

Nora Aunor stars in Cinemalaya's Justice.

Nora Aunor stars in Cinemalaya’s Justice.

Nevertheless, she was so delighted from the bottom of her heart with respect to the overwhelming support and love that she had received from her colleague and friends in the local showbiz industry and most importantly, to her millions of fanr globe who really fought for her in good and bad times. In the plot of this extremely moving and sensational film, Nora Aunor portrays the role of a dedicated and loyal assistant to a woman who is gravely indulged in corruption. Over the years, she was also influenced by the wicked ways of her boss and the rest is history.

The script of this very compelling film is creatively written by Ricky Lee. Ironically, the said movie can be closely associated with what is happening right now in the Philippines with respect to the issue of the pork barrel scam. You might even call this as a mere coincidence but the plot of the story somewhere, somehow has marvelously reflected of what’s its going to be in the dirty game of Philippine politics.

According to the famous director of the film, it has been underway in terms of concept and everything prior to the issue of the pork barrel scam. As a result, the script of the movie has been purposely revised to perfectly suit its flawless and socially significant storyline. In the same manner, the movie will clearly depict as to how the morally degrading scenario of corruption is being orchestrated in the local level of Philippine bureaucracy.

As Philippine democracy progressively evolves in these modern and changing times, Nora Aunor and her newest flick will definitely stir the political and social structures of this society to get rid of corruption for good.

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