Notre Dame has fought the best fight ever against the equally domineering Florida State. However, their tactical skills were not enough to clinch a victorious feat. It could have been a historic win too for the downtrodden Notre Dame but a penalty dimmed their hopes for a much needed win for the beleaguered team. In effect, it pushed them to the 18-yard line.

Notre Dame stooped down to Florida State.

Notre Dame stooped down to Florida State.

Hence a desperate Golson decided to throw a pass. On the contrary, it was badly intercepted by Jacob Pugh in the end zone. Therefore, the so-called Seminoles had their unshakeable 31-27 victory. In jubilation, they had a momentous and grand celebration at the Doak Campbell Stadium. Consequently, the Florida State remains to be undefeated with a winning slate to 7-0. In the same manner, it had given them an extension of 23 games. Among the best highlights of the game were as follows: Golson had hit Robinson for a dire 20-yard leverage, the Irish had pushed a magical charm rally for the win. According to the brilliant coach of Florida State,

This team doesn’t flinch.It can deal with anything. It can deal with pressure moments and pressure situations. And that’s what we did tonight. This was a slugfest. Both teams stood there toe-to-toe. It was a heck of a football game.

Furthermore, quarterback Jameis Winston had gone to what others call as the mercurial level of his performance. This exceptionally signifies that he was able to complete about an average of 15 to 16 passes for 181 yards in the second half. In addition to this, he even completed the 23 of 31 passes for 273 yards and a total of two touchdowns. On the contrary, Golson didn’t make any flinch. Likewise, he did not even bother to do a 31-52 run to achieve a total of 313 yards. To be sure that everything would be fine until the final stretch of the game, the Seminoles had used Karol Williams to be able to take the first edge in the said spine-tingling competition. At that point, the score was 31- against 27. There were only 39 seconds left on the game clock. The heartbreaking loss of Notre Dame to State Florida should have done this to win, according to coach Brian Kelley.

We needed to make one more play.

Hence, their very unimaginable loss to State Florida can likewise be attributed to the referees who should have explained about the pass as well as the dubious interference call on Prosise. Accordingly, the high- spirited coach of Notre Dame had said.

We execute that play every day. And we do it legally and that’s the way we coach it. We don’t coach illegal play, Prosise did exactly what he’s coached to do — exactly what he’s supposed to do.

Conclusively, the ever glaring State Florida team prevailed because,

We keep together, we stay together and we keep winning.

Now, should we say so much about State Florida? On the part of Notre Dame, it is not the end of the line. Luck and effort can never be underestimated.

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