Since the reckoning of time, nude paintings are considered to be the best and eternal expressions of a human’s subconscious and inner feelings. But, there are some women’s groups in the Philippines who are assailing this kind of artwork for whatever purpose it might serve. Just recently, ABS-CBN’S Pinoy Big Brother was the subject of a sensational issue regarding their nude painting challenge wherein a 23-year old woman was requested to pose without clothes for the show’s nude painting session. As a result, the Philippine Commission on Women has called the immediate attention of MTRCB regarding this sensitive moral issue.

The nude painting challenge on ABS-CBN'S Pinoy Big Brother was assailed by women's group.

The nude painting challenge on ABS-CBN’S Pinoy Big Brother was assailed by women’s group.

According to the said women’s alliance, Kuya, the host and master of the house had asked a very conservative housemate to do the nude painting challenge and task which had caused so much pressure on the subject who is known for her strong and deep faith in God. In this respect, the Pinoy Big Brother reality show must explain its objectives as to the major reasons why these challenges have to be made on national television. Simply because, this particular segment of the show could gravely affect the moral fiber of its young viewers.

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  1. jun says:

    A completely nonsensical and irrelevant challenge. This simply shows the lecherous character of Kuya or a gay Kuya. This show must be stripped of support by advertisers.

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