The ever mysterious fountain of youth has no magic formula. It only entails the basic regimen of good sleeping habits, the right food combination and the way you carry your-self everyday. But did you know that there are some of the best and nutritious foodstuffs to make you feel younger and healthier without any synthetic prescriptions that would endanger our physiological processes in time? Aside from over the counter skin enhancers, natural medicine experts say that there are excellent food groups that rejuvenate our body cells from within. Along this juncture, this interesting article will gladly impart to you on how simple food can be a superb beauty essential. First and foremost, a single serving of a low-fat yogurt is a calcium-rich food that should always be a part of your daily food intake.

Yogurt is high in calcium content which makes you feel younger.

Yogurt is high in calcium content which makes you feel younger.

Unbelievably, if one eats a spoonful of yogurt a day it is going to save your bones from deterioration. In other words, osteoporosis will not strike you without a warning. Aside from this, it is also advantageous in fighting breast cancer. Similarly, if you are suffering from an Irritable Bowel Syndrome do not hesitate to try some yogurt. Generally, a cup of it will prevent you from developing yeast infections. In addition, to rejuvenate your mind and body never fail to include some fatty fish in your fridge. Best examples of these are: Tuna and salmon. A fatty fish is oozing Omega 3 fatty acids. Remarkably, these components do prevent blood clots. Thus, if you frequently consume this it will prevent the disturbing occurrence of stroke and depression. For best results, you can enjoy this delicious dish at least two to three times a week.

Also, some papayas are considered as nutritious foodstuffs because these are rich Vitamin C and potassium among others. Benefits wise, these delicious fruit desserts strongly protect you against gallbladder diseases. However, if you want to get pregnant avoid these kinds of fruit because they contain contraceptive properties according to scientific studies. Last but not the least, if you want to maintain your youthful glow some spinach can help you a lot. For those of you who are not a certified vegetarians, you might as well eat some spinach because it effectively decreases your susceptibility to colon cancers and dementia.

Spinach can make you look like a 20-year old lady.It rehydrates your skin naturally. It reduces your wrinkles and fine lines. Amazingly,it makes your skin soft and young. Conclusively, these nutritious foodstuffs are not hard to find, they are so affordable and yet too hard to resist.

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