Tim (Brenton Thwaites) and Kaylie (Karen Gillian) plays two siblings being haunted by a childhood tragedy had learned that the source of their terror is a mysterious mirror with a dark history. The siblings were just teenagers when their parents were cruelly murdered. Convicted of the killings were Tim and sentenced to protective custody while Kaylie drifted into a deep despair. Years passed, Tim was freed, does his best to forget the past. Kaylie is certain that his brother is innocent and believes that the antique mirror their parents used to own holds the key to her darkest questions. When they find out the long lost looking mirror, Kaylie’s deepest nightmares are confirmed – a scary force inhabits the mirror, and it has bothered every owner who has come into possession of it. The curious Kaylie reacquires the mirror, the terrifying cycle of horror returns with a vengeance.
Oculus means eye opener. It is an intriguing and a deceiving film, it is more of a psychological thriller than the horror type that it flaunts it to be. While there are horror scenes which include a new home, nuclear family, supernatural activities and a frightening force that induces violence, the movie is a spine thriller that will stir your consciousness with reflections of the past looming the present.

Oculus Movie

Oculus Movie

Focusing between events that took place 11 years ago and the present, it is the story of the siblings that provides the luck and the omen of the movie. Tim was convicted for the brutal killing of his father Alan played by Rory Cochrane, he is released on his 21st birthday from the psychiatrist ward of a mental institution. But the events that took place several years ago continue to haunt his sister, Kaylie who refuses to comprehend her brother’s excuse over what really happened the night their parents were murdered. Kaylie is convinced that their parents’ death was caused by a bizarre force that existed in an antique mirror that her father had installed in his home office. With the help of her fiancé, Michael Dumont (James Lafferty), she buys the same mirror at an auction. She convinced her brother to return to their childhood home in which she sets up with several electronic gadgets like cameras, computers; plants, water and dog to prove her point and destroy the mirror along with the spirit that inhabits it.
During this exercise, the fear feeling escalates and the two lose their hold to reality because they too experience ghostly hallucinations and flashbacks that led to the killings; it is too late when they realize that their childhood trauma has been revived.

Karen Gillian is charming and appealing as Kaylie, she brings in the passion to the woman who is carrying a serious emotional baggage, with ease. Katee Sachoff, who plays Marie, the mother has several behavioral transitions and is good. Rory Cochrane, gives life to the masochistic with sadist tendency and offers a nail biting experience but it is the distinctive character of Thwaites, intense and internally terrified who makes the film believable. He is an excellent choice for the movie.

What makes the movie more appealing? It is the narration that goes directly to the plot, where the cause initially creates a conflict in the minds of the movie goers. Once you get the hang of it, you will be glued. Most of the scenes were shot in a single house and events, unfolding simultaneously. The movie creates anxiety as well as anticipation.

Oculus Movie Trailer

Oculus is based on a short film with the same title made in 2006, the script writers beautifully combined fear within the story without resorting to the conventional special effects that are often connected with ghost flicks. The visuals have a poetic quality as they gradually develop and the movie’s tension between objective and realities loses some of its power. The film stays focused to its emotional aspect. Overall, Oculus is a well done small budget film that gives what the viewers should see.

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