This month, Ogie Alcasid will have a birthday concert, which will excitingly welcome and introduce the sentimental and groovy years of the ’80s decade. Most importantly, he will lovingly reminisce his early and struggling years as a new singer in the complex and yet glamorous world of local entertainment. Among his expected repertoires are the timeless hit songs of Culture Club, Duran Duran and the internationally-acclaimed David Pomeranz. On the other hand, he will belt out some of the best OPM songs in that same year such as I Will Never Change by Randy Santiago and Leaving Yesterday Behind by Keno.

Singer Ogie Alcasid stresses the importance of equity fees for singers like him.

Singer Ogie Alcasid stresses the importance of equity fees for singers like him.

As far as his guests are concerned, the short but witty singer will try his best to meaningfully collaborate with former teen sensation Manilyn Reynes, Jojo Alejar and even with comedian Roderick Paulate. In tracing the most important highlight of his career as singer, he said that he was once a back up of Joanne Lorenzana, the melodious voice behind the popular song, I’ll Never Let You Go. Going back, the said concert has a simple title of TBT with Mr. A. This will be held at the Music Museum on the 28th say of August at 8:00 P.M.

Generous as he is, Alcasid says that 10 percent of the concert’s total proceeds will be directly donated to the Organization of Filipino Singers here in the Philippines. Briefly, this is a non-profit organization which extends help in any form to Filipino singers. Speaking about this alliance, the people behind it do not have any monthly salary. Despite of this, Ogie Alcasid has long term visions for it. To sustain its financial needs, he and his members will write a letter to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Fortunately, they were granted a huge amount for financial assistance. So far, they were able to raise Php 1 million worth of funds to continuously sustain the necessities of their prestigious organization. Aside from NCAA, the Organization of Filipino Singers has to rely on the so-called equity fees.

To define, these are those fees that foreign artists have to pay if they do have concerts in the Philippines. This has to be done by such performers, so as to compensate the temporary loss of jobs of those local singers because of these foreign artists. For every local singer, they should receive Php5,000. But sometimes, there are those dishonest foreign artists who are deliberately not paying such a requisite. According to Ogie, the most common ones are Korean singers.

Indeed, Ogie Alcasid is a jack of all trades. Above anything else, he is a selfless soul which has an encompassing kind of love not only for his chosen career but for those who have less in life.


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