Oldest Living American Bares Secrets of Long Life

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A person’s unbelievable longevity is tantamount to the most priceless blessing that God can ever give each one of us. Medical doctors have said time and again that a person’s longevity depends on so many factors such as Genetics, a healthy way of life and most importantly, is the excellent manner by which you manage your psychological stressors in life. But have you ever heard about the oldest American in the world? If not, this very interesting article will amazingly divulge her tremendous secrets of living without any inch of difficulty at all. This is her inspiring story.

This lucky woman in the photo is dubbed as The Oldest Living American today.

This lucky woman in the photo is dubbed as The Oldest Living American today.

Jeralean Talley was born on May 23, 1899 in Montrose, Georgia, USA. In a straightforward manner, the oldest living American has revealed that her ultimate secret is just simple.- God’s powerful and merciful hands. Amazingly, her old age is not a hindrance to fruitfully live a life that is happy, peaceful and engaging at the same time. At home or whenever she goes out for fishing, her sturdy walker is her best and most dependable buddy.

Luckily, this coming Sunday Jeralean Talley will turn 115 years old. But this Friday is her real natal date. Although she is now experiencing an impairment in hearing, she is very much thankful to God that she is still alive.


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