The objective review on ABC’s Once Upon A Time, mainly focuses on Emma’s past life. It delves around her very trusting attitude, but the irony of the situation is that it fell on a not so worthy person in the real sense of the word. However, getting hurt is not her cup tea because one of her supernatural powers is to be able to detect whether or not someone is deliberately telling a lie or not. In this particular episode, sa she was deeply wounded by a teen that she had met who suddenly walked from her in anger.

ABC's Once Upon a Time is all about trust and  the end result of its betrayal.

ABC’s Once Upon a Time is all about trust and the end result of its betrayal.

Despite of this, the inevitable connection and spark between them was always there. Therefore, it cannot be denied in any way. Thus, if it seemed to be like a vicious cycle these events can be aptly considered as relevant in some ways. There were also a situation, wherein a certain character whose name is Lily was presumed to have a fruitful future ahead just like a Snow Queen or someone like from the Enchanted Kingdom. But, it turned out to be the other way around. On the other side of the story, Regina and Emma both had their shares of juicy and exciting scenes that millions of their fans must not dare to forget in the first place. Throughout the story, the essence of having a strong and an ideal kind of friendship had exhibited a bond of friendship that never ends. On the contrary, there were no details about the male gender. Similarly, the delivery of the characters’ lines were superb. These very salient features of the storyline have made this phenomenal TV show more enriching and engaging to watch.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Mitchell is giving her exceptional performance the kind of denouement that you have never seen before. After several episodes, there were some mysterious questions that kept on popping up on the minds of those loyal viewers who are continually seeking for the best kind of shows which will live up to the expectations of those televiewers who are curiously searching for those endings which are in the same way can be best applied to their everyday lives as well. Mysteriously, it had not been answered yet as to where the other glass in the mirror had come from. Likewise, the whereabouts of Anna have not been divulged yet. Last but not the least, was the question of obsession of Anna to Emma and so much more.

In the final analysis, the characters of Regina, the Snow Queen and Emma were the most prominent scene stealers of Once Upon A Time from the very start, until it reaches its mystifying conclusion.

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