Once Upon A Time is here once again to stir your magical fantasies to the hilt. Its fourth season has premiered on the 28th day of September 2014. To provide you with a brief description about this very engrossing series, its colorful journey will begin in Storybrooke where the story plot is more intense than ever before. In the said story, Elsa made her spine-tingling entrance.

The fourth season of Once Upon A Time has grandiosely premiered last September 28. 2014.

The fourth season of Once Upon A Time has grandiosely premiered last September 28. 2014.

After which, Frozen took over. Meanwhile, Emma and Hook had tried their very best to figure out about the real score between them. On the other hand, Lana was presumed to have gone to their old ways, of which this could be one of the best denouements of Once Upon A Time. The fourth season of this worth watching series also involves some of the best highlights of this fascinating work of art. Like for instance, Elsa and Anna’s parents were on an ill-fated ship. Prior to the sinking of the ship, a character who is known as Momma Frozen had to pen a very important letter for her beloved daughters. As expected, the classical message in a bottle approach was applied in this kind of a heartwarming chronicle.

Optimistically, their mother had hoped that her daughters would be able to read the letter as soon as possible. As we logically analyze the recent predicament of their mother, it is very understandable that the two girls in story will become orphaned whether they liked it or not. There was one point in the story wherein the character of Elsa had found her path leading to Storybrooke. Consequently, she could never describe her-self as a happy camper in its strictest sense. Further, the engendering plot of Once Upon a Time has some intriguing twists and turns that will make it more compelling to watch all over again.

Subsequently, Elsa and Regina had some relevant issues to fix between them. This was how it all started. When Emma returned from an adventurous time-travel sojourn, she likewise brought the beautiful wife of Robin Hood with her. In other developments, Regina had received the most wonderful gift of her life. It is his much awaited reunion with Robin. However, it was only a wishful thinking. Simply because, he had ironically introduced Regina to Miriam. Along this juncture, Regina had been surmised as the Evil One. She walked away from the crowd and Henry had asked her a very crucial question which goes something like this.

You don’t think she’ll become evil again?

In the final analysis of Once Upon A Time, it is a revealing rendezvous where love prevails over hate. Thus, evil forces can never destroy one’s life as long as your intentions are good.

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