Human survival is a primal necessity. This undeniable fact has something to do with what we are going to eat, drink and this also goes for the clothes that we intend to wear for protection purposes. Along this line, there is one ultimate concern that we must all understand for the sake of promoting the advocacy of a healthy well-being which will further ensure productivity and limitless abundance. This is all about the essentials of organic food. In our daily living, we always hear about this complex but beneficial confabulation among famous nutritionists and other medical practitioners in our modern mainstream. Therefore, this versatile website of ours will briefly discuss about some of the concealed and mysterious facts about these crops from the Almighty. By definition, researchers have said that these types of food are byproducts of organic farming. Etymologically, this term came from a holistic approach of agriculture that is simply ecologically friendly.

Hence, when millions had already discovered the ins and outs of organic farming some countries which belong to the European Union like Canada, Japan and the United States have also adopted this kind of approach. To date, their respective governments are searching for those authenticated certifications insofar as its strict implementations are concerned. If it is highly recommended by these super power countries; then what should we know about those commodities that are organic? Let us all find out in the succeeding sections of this informative article. Read on.

These organic food samples are said to be chemical-free and have more nutritive values, to ensure a healthy well-being.

These organic food samples are said to be chemical-free and have more nutritive values, to ensure a healthy well-being.

Shocking Truths About Organic Consumables

There is so much that we should know about this super food. Let us enumerate them in a rundown. According to some notable health experts, these 6 astonishing facts will keep your mind in awe and within the bounds of searching for the mystifying fact about this very intriguing subject matter today. Are you ready to know that

  • Organics are not super food?- Based on recent researches, these food types do not necessarily mean health and wellness because they do not actually possess any health benefit at all.
  • You cannot wash off those harmful pesticides in those food that are conventionally produced.- Contrary to popular belief, the usual washing ritual of the food we eat does not make them organic in any way.
  • Processed organic dishes are still processed and not organic.- Some stores would say that their foodstuffs are not processed; thus, it is organic. But the truth of the matter is they are still processed food.
  • Organic seeds are now facing an imminent danger.- Four of the biggest agrochemical firms in the world today are dominantly owning almost 50 percent of farmer’s seeds. Sad to say, they are not also organic.
  • Less than 1 percent of the total crops which are American bred, are said to be organic.
  • Organic crops are said to be buggy in every way.- Experts say that due to a soil’s adequate nutrition, the end result would be of course those buggy crops which are safe to eat.

Having known these hidden facts, how can we then say that we should go organic for a healthy tomorrow? Nevertheless, the scientific world of biotechnology should have its final say on the matter.

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