Fashion jewelries have sophisticatedly transcended another exciting and holistic dimension when a newly- established company known as Organic Forces in Cayley, Alberta in Canada has decided to come up with trendsetting jewelries like beautiful necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches to name a few. As coined by their company name the primal objective of Organic Forces is to universally advocate for an eco-friendly environment as you wear their attractive and yet affordable ornaments day in and day out. As I have come across their very enticing website, there was a strange feeling within me which proudly says that Mother Nature can do a lot of marvelous wonders to our overall health and well- being. Well, to keep you abreast with these modern times let us take a closer look at their charming and enigmatic line of fashion jewelries.

Organic Forces harmoniously communes with the power of Mother Nature with stylish elegance.

Organic Forces harmoniously communes with the power of Mother Nature with stylish elegance.

First in the roster of their wide array of products is an elegant Supreme Opal Stone Necklace which is exclusively made from genuine silver and other high quality materials. Its alluring chain is exactly 18 inches in length. Likewise, it is meticulously created by using a 92.5 silver component to make it tarnish-free for a lifetime. As for its price, you just have to shell out about $90.00 for each necklace. To keep you guided accordingly, an opal gemstone was believed to have been formed for millions of years when water and silica have been inherently combined from those unusual cracks of the ground. In essence, if you are going to wear this stunning fancy jewelry from Organic Forces, it will remarkably enhance your communication skills, you will have a strong bond with the different bodies of water and those adorable sea creatures like dolphins and even mermaids if they are really existing. Hence, if you want to find your soulmate this Valentine’s all you need to do is to wear this with confidence and hope and you will surely find Mr. Right with the blessings of the One Up There.

Of course, if you want to give your special someone a timeless jewelry set which is very much affordable than those with pricey karats, why not settle for an eye-catching Fashion Heart Silver Jewelry Set. This is lavishly composed of necklace and earrings. Descriptively, these masterly crafted jewelries are made from authentic silver in electroplated coating to keep it scratch and tarnish-free regardless of your body’s pH balance. By the way, this lovable jewelry set will cost you around $55.00. Furthermore, Organic Forces are also selling some uniquely embellished rings with adjustable sizes for all ages.

One of their fascinating products under this category is the colorful and seductive Rainbow Topaz Ring. To describe, its unparalleled gemstone has a mystic connotation which you should discover in time. Insofar as the ring’s enclosure is concerned, it is finely crafted in 92.5 silver. Price wise, this precious Rainbow Topaz Ring has an affordable price tag of $130.00. Indeed, Organic Forces had set an unprecedented benchmark in jewelry making. So, what are you waiting for? You can visit their official website at to have a peek of their other awesome products from the bosom of Mother Nature.

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