The Origin of Pokemon and the Mind behind It

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Pi-ka! Pika-pika? Pika–pi! Sounds familiar right? I know childhood memories are flooding your mind right now. Those days you eagerly wake up early in the morning just to catch your favorite morning show. A special anime that brings you back to your happy childhood moments– the time you’re naive, young, and free! I bet that’s the ever cute Pokémon that excites you the most.

Pokemon logo with Pikachu on top (Yellow/Blue)

Pokemon logo with Pikachu

From the year 1996, Game Freak continuously launch games that caught the heart of many Pokémon lovers. Up to this day, millions of people are still into this Pokémon craze. Giving us a hypothesis that the demand for its movies will not ever cease, specially when The Pokémon Company recently launched the android/iOS app Pokémon Go, a phenomenal smash hit released this year. But have you ever wondered how did all these pocket monster stuffs existed? And who’s the genius mind behind it?


Satoshi Tajiri the Mind behind Pokemon with Pikachu

Satoshi Tajiri, CEO of Game Freak– the Mind behind Pokemon.

In 1980s, Satoshi Tajiri together with his friends founded a gaming magazine named as Game Freak. At first, the magazine was handwritten, but shortly after it has been recognized–Tajiri decided to have it professionally printed.

Due to Tajiri’s wide knowledge in the gaming world as a gaming magazine’s CEO, his interest on making a game thrived. He believes that games could be better than they are. While carrying these things in mind, Tajiri then started to learn by himself how a Nintendo Entertainment System works by taking it apart. He also studied programming language specifically the Family BASIC, an implementation designed for FAMICOM. And from there, his game developing career started.

In 1987, he issued his very first game entitled Quinty (Mendel Palace). Just after two years, he then founded Game Freak inc., a game developing company named after his former magazine company. Accordingly, Tajiri with his newly-founded company continued to develop different kinds of video game for the two major gaming companies those days particulary, Nintendo and Sega.


Did you know that Pokémon was first named as Capsule Monsters (CapuMon)?

Pokémon (Pocket Monsters) originated from Satoshi Tajiri’s ideas and creative mind. As a child, he loves to go outdoors and collect insects in all sorts of place. And because of his extreme liking for insects such as bugs, beetles, and etc.– Pokémon was then conceptualized. His idea started when he saw two kids playing Game Boys with Game Link Cable. He pictured the cable with crawling insects along– thinking about the capablities of the Game Link Cable. From there on, his ideas about Pokémon grew. Heavily inspired by Ultraman fantasy television show Ultra Seven, who uses giant monsters enclosed in a small capsule to aid him on fights– he aims to make modern children hunt for beings as he did as a kid, even just in a digital game. Cause nowadays– admit it or not — we do not have a healthy environment. And due to modernization, creatures won’t be easily found unlike Tajiri’s time. Thus, making Pokémon a very reasonable alternative for adventure today.

After a short while, he bravely pitched in his new concept to Nintendo in 1990, and it was initially rejected due to copyrighting issues. He tried and tried to pinch his idea in Nintendo, but it kept rejecting his proposal. On the contrary, Shigeru Miyamoto– the creator of the two most well-known franchises of Nintendo (Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda) — took interest in him and pinched it once again to Nintendo, this time accepting the concept. In the next five years, together with Miyamoto and Tajiri’s company, supported by Creatures inc. (another Nintendo developer), they developed the first Pokémon game namely Pokémon Red and Green. Tajiri chose to change the initial label Capsule Monsters and opted to abbreviate the initial label and cut it short to CapuMon. But then, he seems not satisfied about it and altered it once again due to trademarking issues. It led Tajiri to finally dub the game as Pocket Monsters or also, the now globally-renowned Pokémon. With the amount of time he spend altering the title of the game, Pokémon notions was also modified before it was released.

Despite the hurdles Tajiri have been into while creating this phenomenal game– Bunch of rejection from Nintendo, his company driven in bankruptcy in the process and its loss of employees– Pokémon succeeded.

As of this year, Pokémon celebrates its two decades in the field of entertainment, claiming  its name as the World’s Second All-time Favorite next to The Legend of Zelda.

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