Original Pilipino Music Icons on Canvass Lauded

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The dynamic power and overwhelming significance of Original Pilipino Music icons have become so inspiring and captivating when a brilliant Filipino painter whose name is Oliver Marquez, has beautifully painted some of the gyrating and famous Pinoy rockstars all over his humble domicile. In the recent weeks, he grandiosely put on display at the magnificent and royal-like gallery, Art Circle Gallery, some of these iconic names of OPM. The famous Filipino artist is no less than Oliver Marquez. In relation to this timeless and notable achievement of his, the star-studded exhibit was entitled, The Rules of Music: A Tribute to Musical Greats.

Francis Magalona, a multi-awarded Filipino singer and composer was featured in sa painting exhibit.

Francis Magalona, a multi-awarded Filipino singer and composer was featured in sa painting exhibit.

Some of the greatest Original Pilipino Music icons who were luckily painted by Marquez were: Eraserheads, the late singer and composer Francis Magalona and Rico Blanco among others. Descriptively, each of these artists were depicted in accordance to their musical styles and phenomenal hits respectively. According to this painting genius, he directly paints his chosen subject on his canvass. Best of all, his familiarity with a particular artist makes him do the job so well.

Incidentally, this historical painting exhibit about Original Pilipino Music icons was opened to the public last June 12, 2014. It was in line with the celebration of Philippine Independence. Among his prominent guests were Ely Buendia and Heber Bartolome. When Buendia saw his astonishing masterpieces, he said,

Good job.

Generally, Oliver Marquez was a musician during the ’90s. However, he gave up this colorful ambition of his to establish a signage painting business. From then on, he became a household name and the rest is history.Through his artworks, the Original Pilipino Music icons live on.

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