The glittering glamour and triumphs of the recently concluded Oscars 2014 Awards Night are mainly comprised of these highly-acclaimed winners, who have sincerely dedicated their lives in honing their craft to the fullest extent. In brief, the said awards night was filled with momentous speeches that are really impressive and heartwarming at the same time. Among the top winners of the Oscars 2014 Awards Night are the following: “12 Years a Slave”, “Gravity”, Cate Blanchett , took home the “Best Actress Award” and a lot more. During the Oscars 2014 Awards Night, Jennifer Lawrence gladly presented the Best Actor trophy to no other than veteran actor Matthew McConaughey, for his most unforgettable performance in the film, “Dallas Buyers Club”.

The Oscars 2014 Awards Night Winners are all smiles, as they walk away with their prestigious accolade

The Oscars 2014 Awards Night Winners are all smiles, as they walk away with their prestigious accolades.

Meanwhile, John Ridley capped the “Best Adapted Screenplay” for the critically-acclaimed “12 Years A Slave”. In other developments, the splendid and star-studded Oscars 2014 Awards Night has deservingly bestowed the much-coveted plum of “Best Script” to Spike Jonze because of the prolific plot and storyline of the flick, “Her”. It is about an unusual and funny man, who suddenly falls in love with this innovative digital system. As they always say, if there are victors there are also bitter losers in every competition. In this year’s Oscars 2014 Awards Night, there were almost 10 films which did not even get a single recognition for all their untiring efforts and sincerity.

In the final analysis, the Oscars 2014 Awards Night is the most endearing and most cherished form of an international citation in the field of global visual arts because it does not have any controversy or whatsoever, that might taint the reputation of the Oscars after so many years. This only proves that sportsmanship is the noble and regal crown of every competition, which only eyes for the “BEST AMONG THE REST.”

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