Have you ever used a ouija board sometime in your adventurous life? In my 23 years of paranormal practice, i had the rare chance to use it when I performed a sensitive ritual of communicating with several earthbound spirits. Presumably, you would have in mind the question as to whether or not I had successfully conversed with them. My swift and certain reply was a big YES. However, this very intellectually stimulating article will not delve on my own experience. Instead, it will mainly focus on a blockbuster motion picture, Ouija The Movie. In summary, it is all about a group of friends who eagerly desired to communicate with a person who was very close to their hearts.

Ouija The Movie is all about conversing with a dearly departed in all eagerness.

Ouija The Movie is all about conversing with a dearly departed in all eagerness.

Just as you do, yours truly is being intrigued by the fact if they were able to peacefully attain their much anticipated goal of happily establishing a line of communication with their loving friend who had gone into the realms of an afterlife. Read on. Interestingly, Ouija The Movie begins with the usual plot of finding this mysterious item in her own house. It was suddenly found by a character named as Debbie. But due to her curiosity she decided to play and explore it all by her-self. Then, after a few minutes she died without any specific cause. Nevertheless, many have presumed that it was a suicide. Due to the fact that it would soon be a Halloween, her loyal friends had decided to get in touch with her by using the same board that claimed the precious life of the young and vibrant Debbie.

In the said film, they were able to talk to a mysterious person with these initials.- DZ. After a few seconds, everyone in the group had received a spooky message which reads.

Hi, friend.

This unknown message was incredibly transmitted in different forms. Most evidently, this movie had genuinely shown how horrific this movie is. In fact, there was a blinking computer monitor. But the worst thing of it all, DZ became violent and a murderer. The ambivalent spirit killed each person who had participated in this life threatening spirit quest. Hence, the twist of Ouija The Movie was the bitter reality that it was not Debbie. In review, it was expected in the film that there were terrifying sound effects which will remarkably define and appreciate what an ideal horror film is all about. Unfortunately, Ouija The Movie was not able to capitalize on the word TERROR. Simply because, there were times when its future viewers will be hearing bursts of laughter.

Of course, it is very logical to say that we are not about to watch a film with a comedy genre. Last but not the least, a certain character had given a much needed advice that these teenagers must not seek an unsolicited advice from the dead. For someone with a rational frame of mind, it is very stupid if he or she will do that. What do you think folks? Overall, Ouija The Movie is in the same way highly recommended because there are times that we should also explore the other dimension without any sign of fear.

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