In today’s modern world, impressive scientific breakthroughs are extremely expensive though they are very much readily available for humanitarian purposes. In this case, millions of people have died because of their financial incapacitates to sustain their vicious medical needs. As such, this very alarming scenario was immediately addressed by health experts and legendary scientists by conducting a comprehensive and remarkable research study about the countless advantages of laughter in the alleviation of both the physical and psychological burdens of people, regardless of age, gender and economic status. Scientifically, an ounce of laughter has been proven to be the most effective fount of cure to all our sicknesses and pains that we are experiencing in this fast changing world.

Benefits of Laughter

Based on accurate and proven scientific studies, the most contagious and yet a healthy component of humans are their inherent humors. In fact, if you are blessed with a roaring kind of laughter then you are so lucky. Medical researchers have revealed that an ounce of laughter can tremendously improve and increase your intimacy with your loved ones and all those people whom you meet and talk to everyday. Moreover, it was substantially found out that an ounce of laughter will induce triggering and visible physical improvements that will surely make you the latest talk in tinsel town. Also, many scientists and health gurus have said that it greatly assists your immune system to fight dreaded diseases and infections. Amazingly, when your life is filled with laughter your pain tolerance will be greatly enhanced as well. Best of all, an ounce of laughter is the most effective coping mechanism for your stressors in life. The subsequent sections of this article will comprehensively discuss in detail as to why we should always have an ounce of laughter in our challenging lives to make us even more active, contented and thereby, achieving the peak of our gratifying existence.

An Ounce of Laughter: The Most Prolific Cure For Your Physiological and Intellectual Homeostasis

The most amazing feat of today’s scientific discoveries is the undeniable fact that laughter can be the best antidote for all our physiological pains and conflicts among other things. Accordingly, scientists and doctors alike have said that an ounce of laughter could miraculously lighten our cares and worries, it provides us with a shimmering ray of hope and most importantly it will instantly make an unbreakable and fulfilling conduit with others. Thus, it keeps you more focused and active all through out the day. On the other hand, since all you need an ounce of laughter to be renewed inside and out, there is also a need for you to practice on how to laugh without any pretensions or inhibitions in order to improve all your relationships with other people. Similarly, if your laughter is very natural in its strictest sense then, you will most probably become the greatest problem solver of all time.

Logically speaking, an ounce of laughter will marvelously enhance your interpersonal skills and relationships. In addition, an ounce of laughter is like an anchor that will harmoniously uplift or support your emotional and physical endowments. Furthermore, below are some of the other inspiring benefits of having an unceasing ounce of laughter in your motivating and dynamic persona which MUST NOT BE NEGLECTED for the rest of your life.

Health Advantages of Laughter

As previously mentioned, an ounce of laughter acts as a “miracle doctor” of our overall wellness. Therefore, always have in mind these enormous and surprising health benefits of laughter aim to transform YOU into a more holistic and well-rounded person than ever before.

  1. Laughter is an effective body relaxant.– Try to laugh, if you are experiencing body spasms and other kinds of pain, Do this for about 45 minutes regularly
  2. It induces the release of endorphins.-Endorphins are the natural chemical of the body to keep you always in a good mood and relieves body pains instantly
  3. An ounce of laughter can protect your heart from having cardiovascular problems. – Your heart’s blood vessels will be significantly enhanced and the circulation of your blood within and around your cardiovascular system, will be excellently improved or increased to a very significant level
  4. It minimizes your stress hormones
  5. It relieves your irrational fears and anxieties

Emotionally, a good laugh can help a lot in dissolving those unwanted and damaging affective states like sadness and being angry. As for its social advantage, it has been regarded by scientists and psychologists as the best social connector between you and those people that you care for. It allows you to show positive feelings toward them. Like for instance, when you and your friends laugh together incessantly there is an unseen bond between you and your peers that will initiate a strong buffering effect against your disappointments and disagreements.

Indeed, nothing beats the invincible power and incredible effects of an ounce of laughter in making ourselves healthy, peaceful and contented in the loving grace of God.

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