Sanctity is the highest human fulfillment, that is not impossible to attain. This is the major reason why heartwarming Cebuanos never fail to visit the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church in Cebu whenever there is an urgent need for them to nourish their spirituality. Descriptively, this is one of the biggest churches at the heart of Cebu City which is conveniently located in one of the biggest barangays of the said province. The ever famous Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Cebu City pays honor and homage to the Our Lady of Guadalupe de Cebu.

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Cebu

Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Cebu

Based on its historical accounts, a humble chicken trapper who goes by the name of Ricardo Ramirez had once lived in a quiet territory which looked like a jungle; had seen a mysterious ray of light coming from a cave which was commonly alluded to as “langub na duha’y baba” (a cave with dual mouths). The said cave was adjacent near a free-flowing body of water that is called as “Sapang Diyot” in Barangay Kalunasan in Cebu. Due to his amazement, Ricardo Ramirez immediately called the attention of his fellow trappers. But to his surprise, they did not see anything unusual. As a result, the beleaguered man made a sudden decision on his own to investigate about this extraordinary phenomenon which eventually changed his life for the better. At that point in time, he bravely went inside the cave and saw the rays of light emanated from the beautiful image of Our Lady of Guadalupe where she was standing on top of a rock and behind her is a slow-dripping water, which was gracefully dripping into a boulder that looked like a basin. This is the place where the first church was built but due to unfortunate events, it was gutted down by fire during the American War. Because of this, the image of the Our Lady of Guadalupe was migrated to San Nicolas Church in Cebu.

The former cave and church where the Our Lady de Guadalupe was found has been similarly compared from the Extremadura and that of the apparition in Mexico. Also, the Our Lady of Guadalupe in Cebu City is a replica of the “La Purisima Concepcion” / “Inmaculada Concepcion” (Immaculate Conception) of Visayas. As far as the construction of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish Church Cebu City is concerned, the parish priest of San Nicolas has given its much needed consent to build a small church in a not so distant area of Kalunasan. After it was successfully completed, the sacred image of the Our Lady of Guadalupe was lent.

This holy icon of the Virgin Mary, has an approximate measurement of two feet. The statue rightfully belonged to the convent where a yearly novena was held in honor of Cebu’s Our Lady of Guadalupe. Along this line, the parish priest and personnel of the newly-established church which would later become the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Cebu City, were truly proud of their noble missions and achievements.

Amenities and Design

The following are among the striking design of the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Cebu City.

  1. Images of several angels which are located at the facade of the church.
  2. Skyrocketing Bell Tower.
  3. A park that is open to the both the locals and tourists.
  4. An exclusive and spacious ramp for the handicapped.
  5. Ten Commandments Tablet.
  6. Well-crafted stained glass.
  7. Bloodied image of the suffering Christ.
  8. Festivities

    Some of the well-known festivities to joyfully commemorate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe are:

    • Walk with Mary.-This is a holy sacrifice of all its beloved devotees, where they will all walk barefooted while having a mile-long procession from the Fuente Osmeña Circle to Basilica del Sto. Niño, early dawn of Friday.
    • Sinulog Grand Parade.

    Indeed, miracles do happen that make millions of lives to be spiritually nourished through the immense help and inspiration of a blissful sanctuary like the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Cebu City. It was unexpectedly fashioned through the spiritual promptings of the Almighty to universally show mankind that nothing is impossible with God.

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