Gary Stocker Oxford’s Famous Legal Luminary is Now a Human Cannonball

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In this long and winding journey called Life, we all have unusual choices that could sometimes be misunderstood by many people. But as they say, we cannot control nor preempt the call of fate and destiny. To argue with it, is an impossible feat to do. To support these statements, let me share with you an inspiring story of an Oxford lawyer who had given up a wonderful and high-paying job in a law firm and has decided to become a human cannonball.

During his stint in a prestigious law firm, Attorney Gary Stocker the future human cannonball superstar decently earned a six-figure salary. With this huge amount, he was able to buy the house of his dreams. Above anything else, he has lived a jet setter’s life that can be literally described as truly envious and blissful at the same time. But, one day Stocker’s life was never the same again. Here’s how it all happened.

Gary Stocker Human Cannon Ball

Gary Stocker Human Cannon Ball

Two years ago, the Oxford lawyer who would soon become a human cannonball has successfully put up the Chaplin’s Circus, alongside with his best buddy. Then, his superior told him that there are lots of money in his current job. Therefore, leaving his occupation is not feasible. This could be a wake up call for this dashing and brilliant lawyer. In those days, quitting his job was his ultimate agenda. To further understand his reasons, he clearly explained.

I couldn’t be enticed by the money as I knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do. When Mark put his proposal to me, I realized that being in the circus was what I was destined for. I thought about his offer for all of 15 minutes before giving him a resounding yes.

Currently, Attorney Gary Stocker and a human cannonball had unselfishly funded 20 circus performers. He even purchased a 1,400-seater tent as the official venue of all their exciting and funny circus repertoires.


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