President Benigno Aquino III, has again stunned and impressed the Filipino people with his well-written and concrete State of the Nation Address, which was highlighted by fashion and high expectations most specially from his fierce and staunch critics in Philippine politics since he became President. P-Noy’s SONA last July 28,2014, was actually his fifth one prior to the end of his term in 2016. This interesting and yet informative article, will objectively look back as to how the President delivered his much talked about SONA in all sincerity and honesty, before his millions of bosses across the nation. To begin with, President Aquino was able to elicit a total of 85 rounds of applause throughout the entirety of his substantial speech inside the Batasang Pambansa complex.

P-Noy's SONA was well-received by his allies in Congress.

P-Noy’s SONA was well-received by his allies in Congress.

Duration wise, the said address had lasted for about an hour and five minutes to the very least. According to Aquino’s Deputy Spokesperson in the person of Abi Valte, the candid and articulate Chief Executive had worked very hard to make his SONA as comprehensive as possible. Therefore, in the last segments of his well-applauded speech, he became too emotional. In general, he has proudly mentioned that he felt gratified with the innumerable achievements of his four-year old incumbency as President.

Meanwhile, the most unforgettable part of his straightforward SONA was this.

Until such time that our faith and beliefs are whole, then we can bravely prove that the Filipino is worth dying for.

Among the other salient points of P-Noy’s SONA were as follows: The unparalleled achievements of his administration on education, social services, economic development, infrastructure,
job provision and its definitive rehabilitation plans. Speaking about the unconstitutional disbursements of DAP funds, he said that almost 1.6-billion pesos went to the Training-for-Work Scholarship Program of TESDA. Lastly, Aquino said in his speech that the percentage of poverty level had been significantly lowered by 24.9% during the first quarter of last year.

In summary, P-Noy’s SONA has clearly drafted his administration’s relevant achievements. But the next question is: How long should these accomplishments be viable enough until the end of his term two years from now? Let us all wait and see.

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