Pacquiao Chides Mayweather Anew

| February 7, 2014 | 2 Comments

The never ending saga of sarcastic word wars between Filipino boxing legend and Saranggani representative Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather continues to heat up when the generous and amiable lawmaker tells his fickle-minded opponent, Floyd Mayweather that they are ready to face him anytime 24 hours a day if only the latter will will accede to negotiations the soonest. He even promised to restore his incredible and uncontrollable fury on the ring once everything has been finalized in the next couple of months. However, the lone congressman had challenged Mayweather to an unthinkable charity fight. He further said that he wants to make this happen but the last say has to come from the over confident Floyd Mayweather. In a rare one-on-one interview with ESPN’S Keith Olberman, the avenging “Pound for Pound King” from General Santos City had candidly told ESPN that he is constantly working on this longstanding plan of both camps in a battle for greatness and unprecedented popularity.

Pacquiao does not close his doors in fighting Mayweather very soon.

Pacquiao does not close his doors in fighting Mayweather very soon.

For so many years, these two boxing luminaries have become the subject of all sports analysts around the world because of their inimitable charisma inside the boxing arena. Along this juncture, Pacquiao openly admitted a thousand times before that his illustrious boxing career will never be complete without knocking out the extremely voracious and arrogant Mayweather. On the part of this undefeated boxer, Pacquiao will not be able to stand his tremendous fighting skills because he would make sure that the glaring pride of the Philippines will taste the most bitter pill in his hands. Should this much anticipated duel materialize, all that Pacquiao needs to show on that momentous day is that the art of boxing is not all about physical aggressiveness. Hence, it is a game of nobility and remarkable tactical prowess that never fades like a withering leaf.

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  1. Chito says:

    For no apparent reason, Floyd has been avoiding Manny since time immemorial. I don’t know why he chickens out whenever boxing fans expresses their desire for the fight.

    • admin says:

      Floyd knows that Manny has the highest chance of beating him compared to all other fighters. Come to think of it, Floyd thinks he is being clever. However, his action towards not wanting fight Manny Pacquiao is ruining his reputation as a boxer and as an athlete.

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