Woman’s power dominates UFC just recently, with a magnanimous and surprising victory of the ever beautiful and domineering Paige Vanzant. Although she did not make it in the The Ultimate Fighter 20, which was specially meant to determine the inaugural women’s 115-pound fighter queen because of her current age, it did not stop her from achieving her most unexpected milestone in the long and winding history of UFC. Prior to the most incredible and magnificent glare of human conquest, another devastating blow happened to Paige Vanzant. It was said to be that alcohol was present in the fighter house which had paved the way for the cancellation of her much awaited inclusion in the A Champion Will Be Crowned season.

UFC's Paige Vanzant continues to exhibit woman's power against all odds.

UFC’s Paige Vanzant continues to exhibit woman’s power against all odds.

In recent years, Vanzant was initially signed by the aforementioned organization in December of 2013 to be one of the most pivotal participants in this kind of a reality series. But, she had perfectly chosen another route by launching her glamorous promotional prelude at UFC Fight Night 57. This exciting UFC tournament was against Kailin Curran last Saturday. As far as this raging and splendid duel is concerned, it had earned the Fight of the Night accolades. Meanwhile, a $50,000 bonus is much more similar to the eyeing for a grand slam in the so-called majors. In the said heart pounding event, an awed Paige Vanzant cried incessantly after her victory via TKO. In fact, this voluptuous lady who fights like a stallion above the ring had said.

Going into it, I always get nervous before I perform. Once I walk out to the cage, all the nerves set in. I’m used to being under pressure. Luckily, I perform really well under pressure. And what a way to kick off my UFC debut with a bonus.

Likewise, Paige uttered in all gladness and sincerity.

I’m completely in awe still. I’m in shock.

After her tearful UFC triumph, she has now established a current record of 4-1. Her one and only recorded defeat so far was her fight with TUF 20 contender, Tecia Torres. It was won by the latter via a unanimous decision, about year ago. Out of revenge, Paige Vanzant has made it certain that she will never leave any storm unturned this time around. To prove, that winning is her ultimate business once she stands above the ring, she has further explained.

I definitely proved myself in this fight. I proved that I didn’t need to be on The Ultimate Fighter to make a name for myself. And I’m really excited to fight whoever comes out of the The Ultimate Fighter house as soon as possible.

Also, Paige has eagerly reiterated that she dearly wanted a rematch with Tecia Torres by saying.

There are a lot of girls in that house that I’d match myself up with. One of the standout fighters was Tecia Torres, and she’s my only loss. So I’m excited to maybe get that rematch with her or whoever comes out of The Ultimate Fighter house.

Going back to the controversial reality which could have made her an instant celebrity in her own right, this was what she had to say.

I think it’s been great for me. I found my new training camp and I’ve really been able to set myself on the tracks that I needed to be on to win my fights. I have a much better mindset going into the fights now. I feel like I’ve had the best training camp of my life. And I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

In her current status, as one of the best Ultimate Fighter Queens of All- Time there is no shadow of a doubt that she has already exemplified an iconic figure in the sport she knows best.

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