President Benigno Aquino III, has once and for all clarified and defended his stand on the controversial exclusion of Philippines Superstar Nora Aunor from the list of distinctive honorees for the 2014 National Artist Award. Aquino said that Nora Aunor’s alleged drug issues has made him decide to single our the multi-awarded singer and actress from the prestigious list of awardees. The President has issued this statement during the anniversary celebration of the Philippine Air Force in Pampanga last week. As we all know, the legendary actress had a much publicized involvement with drug use; most particularly to an addictive substance termed as methamphetamine.

President Aquino says Nora Aunor's  previous involvement against illegal drugs answers exclusion issue.

President Aquino says Nora Aunor’s previous involvement against illegal drugs answers exclusion issue.

This includes her arrest in 2005 in Los Angeles. However, these charges were cancelled after the latter had underwent an intensive rehabilitation programs according to reports. Aquino further reiterated that the superstar got convicted for the said grave offense. Despite of this, he said that he is one of the avid fans of Nora Aunor during his younger days. On the other hand, President Aquino’s universal campaign against illegal drugs will never waver no matter what happens. Meanwhile, Nora Aunor’s lawyer has said that her client has never been convicted in relation to drug issues.

Previously, there were numerous local celebrities who had expressed their wholehearted support for Nora Aunor. Among them were: Action-star Robin Padilla, German Moreno and mega director Jose Javier Reyes. As far as Nora Aunor is concerned, the overwhelming support from all sectors of society is more than enough. Up to this very day, the raging public sentiments have not yet died down. In fact, they will still resubmit Aunor’s name for the National Artist Award in due time. In these past few days, Malacanang has strongly stood by its decision as it was clarified by this statement.

It is the duty of the President to decide on who among the shortlisted nominees deserve to be conferred the Order of the National Artist. In making the decision, the President considered how each of the nominees measured up to the criteria for choice.

As they say, you can never argue with history. Therefore, Nora Aunor must always stay proud and ever competitive for the sake of the verbosity of Philippine Arts and Culture; even without the much coveted National Artist Award under her belt.

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